This past Chinese New Year, I was like unleash the dragon my own hometown where by I move around to hunt some food. Well, back to some places that I have not been visiting long time with my parents is this Restaurant 77 Food Yard were known as Kedai Kopi Kwai Lock where host some pretty nice hawker in this early Pulau Tikus Wet Market Area.

food yard (1)

One of a most busy hawker area where its sardin pack with many hungry people, from people who went exercise around nearby park and with auntie and uncle that just finish doing their morning market shopping.

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To get a place here is like the usual, you need to be quick or stand behind those people that are eating. You need to have an eagle eye.

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Oh well, lets put that aside, as One of a common thing that people whole order is this Famous Koey Teow Th’ng (ah Eng & Son) and also their kuih Chap. Not to say its pretty good but decent enough to satisfy your crave.

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Kuih Kak here is also not bad. worth to try.

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My parents usually come here for this Duck Soup Mee Suar as not many places left that serve this. Apparently they are famous in this kopitiam.

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Run by this couple and its been in this kopitiam for the past 5-8 years and they prepare this clear duck herbal soup in a miniature pot and by steaming it a few hours before its officially serve to customers like us. You can put it in a way like double boil in kopitiam version.

food yard (7)

food yard (8)

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Each bowl serve with duck drum stick and you get to choose what kind of noodle, ranging from Mee sua, bee hoon, mee or mix. I usually prefer mine is mix.

Soup is mild herbal taste, something very simple and light for breakfast and if you do expect strong taste of it, do skip it.

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Was told by my dad that their Curry Mee here is pretty good though and decided to try it out. Soup is with slightly sweet end and by adding in their home made chili paste made it extra umph! I would prefer to add in another half spoon of chili paste to make it extra kick. Decent enough for a simple cravings and I do prefer my favourite in Green House.

there are other food which you can try on (from

  1. Apom
  2. Ark Thooi Mee Suah
  3. Ban Cien Koay
  4. Bean Sprout Chicken Hor Fun
  5. Century Egg Porridge
  6. Char Koay Teow
  7. Char Mee Suah
  8. Chee Cheong Fun
  9. Curry Mee
  10. Hokkien Char
  11. Hokkien Mee
  12. Hum Chin Peng
  13. Koay Chiap
  14. Koay Kak
  15. Koay Teow Thng
  16. Pau
  17. Sar Hor Fun
  18. Wan Tan Mee
  19. Yee Foo Mee

295-B Jalan Burma
(at Moulmein Rd), 10350 George Town,
Pulau Pinang

Restoran 77 Food Yard is located in Pulau Tikus, along a particularly busy stretch of Burmah Road. There is a bus stop along Burmah Road a short distance from the coffee shop. Get down from the bus either before or after the coffee shop, and walk towards it.

Getting there
You can take the following Rapid Penang buses to reach Pulau Tikus:
101, 103, 104, 304



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