It was when requested that the management and client need something nice to eat and Florence had arrange knew what they like, then we went all the way downtown to make a few take away and never knew that around China Town area got many shops to hunt for. Restaurant Lai Foong

The main target of Beef Noodle was to stop by opposite Lai Fong but on that day it was close and she stop us at Restaurant Lai Fong Beef Noodle shop to make a quick take away, as in this shop have alot of hawker food to go for but we manage to try a few only.

Lai Fong

Being first time dropping at this coffee shop, it amaze me how pack the coffee shop is during lunch time.

Lai Fong (2)

Pricing as above that I would not feel its expensive with the noodle are served in quite big portion.

Lai Fong (3)

With all the beef spareparts, prepared and you can choose what you like and do not like. I always love my bowl to be all in one.

Lai Fong (4)

The boss busy preparing alot of serving as we waited for around 20 minutes to wait for our turn. By looking and smelling at the soup, I was so hungry and just could request to the boss for a small bowl of soup to try on (of course I didnt)

Lai Fong (5)

Some of the beef parts will soak onto the soup till its medium cook and took out to be prepared at the side.

Lai Fong (6)

This is my ‘All in One Beef Noodle Soup’ @ RM6. I love the soup base as it is pungent in taste with all those beef parts been soak onto the soup since breakfast. Soft and juicy meat with others are well cook. Just as I love my bowl of Beef noodle to be. It is worth recommending.

Please be advice to visit this beef noodle stall after 12pm as if you went to the first few round in the morning, the soup base taste would be quite mild, if you love strong soup base, then after 12 would be recommended.

Lai Fong (7)

If you do not like in soup base, you can go for the ‘Dry Beef Noodle’

Lai Fong (8)

Next to it is the Char Koay Teow stall which the way the uncle cook is quite impressive with its look, taste and colour but then it was all just presentation. The koay teow lack of Wok hei, quite tasteless and we only manage to finsih half of it. RM5

Lai Fong (9)

Then I walk around and saw this ‘Roast Pork’ was so tempting with the look of its skin and parts.

Lai Fong (10)

Lai Fong (11)

Then I ordered ‘Roast Pork and Char Siew’ and I think it was a foreign worker that chop all those parts for me and he even serve me 2 big pieces roast pork PURE fats, me and my friend were like huh? and request to change. That person look so unsatisfactory and the worst part is the char siew giving us the edge , which is hard and a bit burn in taste.

*remark please request what part you want and do not ask the foreign worker to chop for you if you want nice slices.

Lai Fong (12)

Then I remembered that my friend told me, the ‘Chicken Rice Shop’ next to it is very nice, then decided to head for another round which we had a lot of ???? to ask as this shop also called Lai Fong but its Kedai Kopi Lai Fong not Restaurant Lai Fong, (we guess thats the difference) and can’t be two chicken stalls under one roof.

Lai Fong (13)

Lai Fong (14)

Then make a take away of ‘Chicken Rice add Roast Pork’. The rice is nice in smell and taste and a bit yellowish in colour, roast chicken is normal and roast pork is good, soft in texture, and the best part is the skin of it, crispy!

As for now, I know where to go for a nice breakfast or lunch in town. Beef noodle in the shop is good but chicken rice and char koey teow so so only. There are very limited parking space around the area, and be prepare to walk.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not bad lah~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Lai Foong Restaurant
138, Jalan Tun HS Lee
Kuala Lumpur


Tel No: 603 – 2072 8123
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  1. i think i have passed by this shop before. i definitely love all my soup thick. even for chu-yuk-fun, i always eat after 2pm, when the soup base becomes oh so good!

  2. U should try the wantan mee next to the chicken rice at Kedai Kopi Lai Fong. Ask for some curry sauce to go along with your dry wantan noodle.

    Highly recomended!

  3. Heard about this place lor….my colleagues all said very yummy itu beef noodles 🙂

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