Year 2014 had started and its all about new begging. Well, one thing I would like to say is lets start with something new which is I think its worth recommending as the food its pretty unique in its kind. I am sure many of you have heard about this restaurant months back that known as Restaurant Nepal Himalayan Cuisine.

This Himalayan Cuisine is basically very authentic as there are no other eatery around KL that serve the same food except the one in Pasar Seni. The food have a little bit of Chinese infuse cooking style as China is just next to them. Besdies that, his passion to provided good food from his country with his Sister that ended up with this outlet. I am sure many of us travel quite long in overseas would crave for your own home food. The same goes to the owner.

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Tug in a cozy spot right in the heart of Plaza Damas, or directly opposite TGI Fridays, you can find this little shop that is pretty quiet, not known by many or popular in the area and I must say, their food will surely impress you as all their ingredeitns are imported directly from Nepal.

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Not many tables are in the restaurant and I would advise to make a booking before you go. One of the main reason is the price in the restaurant is very reasonable.

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Since everything is  new to us, and I have a few friends with me and of course I would want to order as many as possible. Kicking of with their traditional tea, Nepali Chyaa is very different from our traditional famous Teh tarik as their version is filled with  mild herb taste that is not too strong yet the aromatic fragrance of the tea can still be tasted and enjoy just @ RM5, Next is their Kagati Chyaa @RM3 which is without milk and replace with lemon.

If these two are out from your list then order something more solid which is their Lassi (Mango and Banana) @ RM12 as the yogurt are made fresh and mix with solid puree. Thickness assured & Shangri-La @ RM9 to me is a must order as its their house special drink made with a blend of red wine and fruits. The best part is, every shredded apple are still very crunchy, yet the wine is not too strong and mix very well. Would say one of the best for me.

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To enjoy a new food taste, Snack Platter would be ideal as it has all the basic food introduction all ones under one plate at RM24. It is serve with

  • Chicken Chili – tastes like sweet and sour chicken! Very Chinese!
  • Aloo Silam -boiled potatoes marinated with redo onion and Silam, unique Nepalese herb

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Momo – steamed chicken dumplings with special blend of spiceshighly recommended.

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Mushroom peas and Nepalese salad.

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This will be quite addictive when you have a beer next to you. Bhuteko Bhatmas – crispy soy beans marinated in Nepalese spices

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Aloo Silam -boiled potatoes marinated with redo onion and Silam, unique Nepalese herb

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Another version of Momo which is deep fried @ RM12

nepal (14)

Its fried to perfection that the outer layer remains slight crisp and easy to bite with generous filling in it. A bit of herb taste and mix with their own chili sauce is perfect to go along.

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If you would want some Italian style then try the Nepali pizza – Chatamari @ RM 12 Its actually an omelette pizza version yet the ingredients in it are pretty solid. Dip along with their own home base sauce herbs that gives you another level of taste which is kinda interesting. . Filled with minced chicken, spring onions, tomatoes and egg.

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Tawa Maccha @ RM14

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Chowmein @ RM 9 is one of a dish that is very similiar to our local Chinese food. Taste is mild and fried along with their own sauce. Noodle is abit springy and I love it. Recommended!

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I am not a fan of brest meat, but for their version they have their own way to marinate it to tender soft and juicy. Chicken Skewers @ RM 18 were one of my favourite.

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The Farsi Ko Dal with Mutton is Nepali version of lamb shank that marinate with their spices and herbs. Pretty unique in taste which is cook along with their family recipe. @ RM 18 is worth to try.

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If you would want to try something more authentic, then try out their Thakali Thali Khana @ RM15 is a traditional Thali rice set which comes with black or red bean dal, Nepalese Curry, curry vegetables, green spinach, chutneys and salad. There are 3 types of Thakali Khana set to choose from:

  • Kukhurako Masu Bhat (RM15) – Thali rice set with Nepalese Curry Chicken
  • Khasiko Masu Bhat – Thali rice set with Nepalese Curry Lamb
  • Saag Sabji Ra Bhat – Vegetarian Thali set with Nepalese Curry Vegetables

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Its not curry chicken or can say its Nepali version of curry chicken. A bit of sour end yet aromatic with their spices that left in your tongue. Not bad though.

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I was too greedy to order one more dish although I was so full. Nevertheless Spicy Thukpa is worth ordering

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As I always love something soupy as they clevery use our local noodle to replace theirs because of the imported cost yet it cook to perfection. The soup taste gives you an instant spiciness but doesnt last long, as its more towards white pepper spicy and very mild sour end. @ RM9

nepal (24)

Next when we order dessert, we were a bit shock on what they are serving. Sewai @ RM6 is a vermicelli pudding cooked in milk & coconut cream. All of us look puzzle when it was serve cause we never encounter such dessert before and turns out to be good.

Next is even better with  Kheer  @ RM 8 is rice pudding cooked in milk, bay leaves & clover. If the dessert turns into breakfast, I do not mind to have it every morning as it seems very healthy. I prefer it to have more ingredients such as raisins or almond more.

nepal (25)

Both dessert are worth to explore.

Since Chinese New Year is coming and its a brand new year, wish to try something different then I would recommend this place for dining place. Unique taste which is acceptable with infusion of Chinese cooking style yet price is very reasonable with the portion that they are providing.


Restaurant Nepal – Himalayan Cuisine
F-0-6, Plaza Damas,
60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 6206 3904

Business hours:
Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 3pm; 6pm – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 11:30am – 10pm



  1. heard a lot of good things about this place, I’m supposed to visit soon, I hope!

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