pan mee (4)

Vegetable (Small)-RM 6 (Big)-RM10

pan mee (5)

Thai Style Beancurd (Small)-RM6 (Big)-RM10

Deep fried a bit and then finish it with slices of cucumber and lots of peanutes on top of it is quite good, with the sweet and sour yet spicy sauce that soak a while for you to dip along.

pan mee (6)

Fresh Fried Fish Fillet is one of the popular dish among us as it was served, it was gone very fast. Have to eat it while its hot with fried flavour crispy skin and soft meat inside.  (Small)-RM8 (Big)-RM15

pan mee (17)

Pork Ball Soup

pan mee (7)

Dumpling Soup (Small)-RM4 (Big)-RM10

pan mee (8)

Wantan Soup (Small)-RM4 (Big)-RM10

pan mee (9)

Chili Pan MeeRM 6

pan mee (10)

At the side of the table there are one container filled with dried chili flakes for you to add into your pan mee. While I was waiting for my friends to come, I did see a few people putting in more than 3-5 scoops. That’s crazy, would make the whole bowl filled with dry chili.

pan mee (11)

For me I put only 3 scoops.

pan mee (12)

Stir with everything inside it and let me tell you, its spicy! I took a few mouthfull and then I need water after that. I am wondering how to eat with 5 scoops.. ?

pan mee (13)

Curry Pan Mee thick in soup base – RM 6

pan mee (14)

If Chili Pan Mee is not your choice then go for Traditional Pan Mee RM 6

pan mee (15)

More like hand pulled.

pan mee (16)

Fish Head Noodle RM 6

Most of the food were pretty decent and chili pan mee to mee sure its a challenging thing, one thing I learn is that never follow people that add in, just taste first.

Spicy Chili Pan Mee
42, Jalan SS 2/10, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Other Locations:

Phone:+60 3-7877 2281


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