I have heard so much about this place since when I am still in college. I heard that we can get a bowl of awesome seafood curry mee for just RM 10 (this price was about 12 years ago then). I keep asking them how do I go there, and they are not sure cuz most of them also brought by friend and all they know, its under a tree. It was till very recently that I am out of places to eat then suddenly thought about this place as I remember there were so much buzz about this place and how good it was.

yu ai (1)

 After I reach this place, I only realise its only 5 minutes away from where I am staying. Upon walk into the shop, its like an oven. Its so hot and stuffy.

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YOu can place your order at this ordering area or there will be a guy coming to you to order. With the colour and texture of those seafood it shows that the seafood is pretty fresh.

yu ai (3)

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You might see here is pretty empty as its just too hot to be seated in here and not only that, their seating capacity had expended. Its full house out their premises and we decided to head upstairs for their air condition room.

yu ai (5)

We ordered 2 different bowls to try out which soup is the best. I tried mine on the traditional Seafood Curry Mee – Small @ RM 15

yu ai (7)

As this bowl of pippin hot beehoon mee noodle comes with cuttlefish, clams, oysters, fish slices and prawns. Its a pretty decent bowl as I find that the broth is slightly thick and taste of the curry is pretty strong yet end with sweet taste of seafood. . Not bad afterall.

yu ai (6)

Another order that came is Seafood Tomyum Noodle – Small @ RM 15. I find that I like more on the tomyum soup base as its more sourish and mild spicy to my liking. Broth also slightly thick yet I find the taste of the soup is more fragrant.

If you are willing to dig extra in your pocket for a bowl of noodle, then this is a place to give a try. It wont be a place of my everyday dining but I do not mind to drop by once in a blue moon. Best of all, my friend told me to try out their signature soup mix – Tomyum mix with Curry soup base. She mention is her all time favourite and I guess I would drop by to try another round in the future. For all the bowl of noodle, they do serve Big bowl and also option of taking it plain without seafood.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, pretty good as the soup is pretty thick and flavorful -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restoran Yu Ai
42, Jalan Segambut Utara, 51200 KL.
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.051 E101 40.561
Business hours: 8am – 5pm

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  1. Wow, so much awesomeness in a bowl, Rm15 sounds a bit steep but i guess i wouldn’t mind to try considering the generous amount of seafood added 😀

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