Every year during 5th day of 5th month on the lunar calendar, I am always excited on it as it is Dragon Boat Festival that will traditional eat Zong Zi or what I usually call (Bak Chang) which is a type of traditional Chinese Food, many Chinese during this festival at some of the homes will do some homemade bak chang by using ingredient such as pork, lotus seed, lotus leaves, salted duck egg, white or brown rice.

This festival was to commemorating the death of Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet from the kingdom of Chu who lived during the Warring States period. For more (read here โ€“ wikipedia)

I have always been a big fan of rice dumpling especially the home made ones, as it is rich in ingredients. Usually during this festival, my auntie would make some and give around the neighbours and there are at one time, my auntie forgot that the neighbor went travel and I had 2 weeks of bak chang! (after that got phobia of it) but till now still in lurve with the taste of it.


To me, I only always enjoy eating as I know making bak chang is easy as it involves a lot of work, but the tricky part is tying it up, that not until recently, I get an opportunity to attend a rice dumpling workshop by โ€˜Chef Lo Tian Sionโ€™ that each of us were given a huge space in the kitchen table to play around, and let me tell you, it was fun!


The ingredients for the night are, white and brown rice, sugar, salt, oil, some powder . . .


and the very main ingredient are usually customise with your own choice, but for tonight are chicken breast meat, sea cucumber, mushroom, salted duck egg yolk, dry scallop and a few more.


Fresh lotus leaves are needed to wrap on the rice dumpling.


The chef are ready, are you ready~


Pour all the ingrediant into the bowl and mix it with your hand.

then after mix it thoroughly and place the 3 lotus leave at the bottom and spread it out, next add in the mix brown and white rice as the base then add in the main ingredient on top.

backchang 1

my best of wrap then the chef said that its not tight and solid enough. Gosh~ you really need the trip or master the skills to wrap on it.

backchang 2

Tadaaa….7th attempt still fail and it was the assist of the chef that helps us to tie on it and Ester also did it.


Our rice dumpling are going into the steam, as I just got to know that it need to be in boiling water for 8 hours. (which previously I thought for only a few hours)

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  1. Bak Chang making was so much fun!!!


    ESTHER! not ester.

    How many times do i need to tell you this seriously? urgh.

  2. Wah cool… but you know, the best way to perfect this skill is to keep practicing…

    I volunteer to be one of your guinea pigs! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    (I love chang…)

  3. esty: yeah loh..but with you hior..haihz… (of course need you to be there, if not no 1 kacau d..:p)

    you have to tell me many many times..kekeke

    lean: yeah..mouth watering`

    J: yeah, but then u want to help me clean kitchen a not?

    love to heave you to be my guinea pig..making sure you gain serious weight after you eat it..:D

    jfook: ekeke..go buy 1 and makan~

    uli: too bad you not there..haiz

    witch: yeah loh~ hehe

    • Taufulou Reply

      yay~ another fan of bak chang… heee,, that is just used for the class only..

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