It is quite surprising that my friend told me there is a place that offer good coffee. Then he just said, lets go and try it out. Based on the location given, I find it very weird as it leads me to residential area and no sign of coffee place to be found and asked the guard he told me is correct and I just park my car in the covered area free parking (which is super good). Ristretto

[UPdate: NO longer in Operations]

Risseto (1)

Once walk along the sign, really there is a hidden coffee shop which is known for Risseto with a very coffee joint that offer at foreign country, its simple and relaxing place to have a cup of coffee.

Risseto (2)

Not only that, they do offer quite a huge range of coffee and one thing caught my attention is Soya Latte which is one of my favorite that not easily available in KL, then food range is quite impressive too for a small cafe like that. They do cater alot for the residence around the area or I would say more like a neigbourhood cafe. .

Risseto (3)

Potato with Ham Salad

Risseto (4)

Club Sandwich is certainly one of it to consider .. .

Risseto (5)

Black Pepper Chicken Burger

Risseto (6)

Chicken Hamburger with Egg

Risseto (7)

Char Koey Teow

Risseto (8)

Nasi Lemak with fragrant rice and with the spicy sambal is good.

Risseto (9)

Chicken Rendang

Risseto (10)

Pollo ala Fungi

Risseto (11)

Meatball Arrabiata

Risseto (12)

Mexican Chicken Cottage Rice

Risseto (13)

Risseto (14)

Apple Pie

Risseto (15)

among the deserts, star of it is Chocolate Brownie to kill for .. that goes along with the coffee very well.

Risseto (16)

Wild Berry Cheeze Cake

Risseto (17)

My coffee for the night was Top left to right : Long Black, Cappucino, Flat White and unique order Soy Chai Latte, as the spices of the chai is not that strong, and its recommended to those who have not tried before.

Risseto (18)

What we tried is also coffee liquor Mayan Coffee, Irish Coffee and Guinnesss Coffee. I would say that I do not know how to enjoy these coffee. 😀


Ristretto Cafe
Unit 3A @ 10 Mont Kiara
Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur


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    • Taufulou Reply

      Hi Raykong,

      I guess you should direct email to the owner themselves, as I only blog their cafe.

  1. It’s awesome to hear and read about umpocing cafes that are appearing in KL, cafes that actually respect the bean enough to train all their baristas and make sure they know their stuff. I haven’t been home since last year, and it’s really great to read about cafes that are on the way to being on par with places like 7seeds, St Ali, BrotherBabaBudan and the likes in Melbourne. Many successful cafes here in Melb use 5Senses like Proud Mary, ThreeBagsFull etc. And I must say 5Senses have done a good job in ensuring their clients do their bean (and brand) proud by maintaining standards. I’m also curious, KF Chan, how saturated is the coffee culture/niche market in KL? I’m actually thinking about bringing the Melbourne experience and feel to KL but of course, lots of research need to be done first. Judging from your blog, there is a select group of coffee connoisseurs there in KL who knows their stuff pretty well. But do you reckon business will be good if the Melbourne experience were to be brought into KL, considering it’s such a niche market, where majority can’t differentiate between a latte and a capp? From your blog, it does seem like coffee culture is picking up. I just wish people knew better than to buy their coffee from Starsucks, Coffee Bean etc. I will be back towards the end of this year and will be keen to meet up with coffee snobs to talk coffee.

    • Hey Christopher,

      its interesting that you post a comment in such an old post of mine. Indeed the coffee culture in Melbourne and Malaysia is far apart. I can easily say its 5 years apart in terms of habits and taste. As per compare to baba budan and 7 seeds where there are no cafe in KL is near to them. (in my own personal thought).

      NO doubt that KL have growing talents in coffee connoisseurs do know their game plan, however there are still tons of habits and taste bud need to be train though. Indeed it is picking up. HOwever coffee taste is still far apart from there.

      Just my thought. If you are able to bring those experience and food quality that can maintain like them, i am pretty sure you will be in the next paip line for big social media hype. Just my thought.

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