Recently my friends are back on form as they had launch weekend buffet tim sum hunting again, and let me start off with second location first as the first restaurant that we went the promo was over. I ask a few of my friends comparing which hotel, they recommend I should try this restaurant first, without much hesitation I book this place immediately as their promotion just start from 1st of May.

The restaurant serve HALAL buffet tim sum for RM55++ with an award winning chef preparing the whole range of tim sum that in house chef was trained in by professional chef in Hong Kong which we know this country deliver great tim sum.

prince hotel

In the menu had variety of 50 items to select from and some of the name in the menu definately eye catching.

prince hotel (6)

‘Cold Marinated Mexico Soy Clam with Szechuan paste’

Served in cold and some of them find it spicy and I find the taste very interesting. cold, spicy yet sour.

prince hotel (10)

‘Pan Fried Vegetarian Bean Curd Sheets Pan Cakes’

Pan Fried till very aromatic, just the way I like it as usually I consume alot of this during 9th God festival.

prince hotel (18)

‘Hot and Sour Szechuan Soup’ – – ‘Congee with Scallop’ – – ‘Tai Zi Heen Shark Fin Soup (limit to one per serving guest)’

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  1. woah! this is a great bargain! l must bring mum there this weekend to celebrate mother’s day as she miss it last weekend, she is gettting stronger now, hey she can walk by herself . . . cool mum!

    • Taufulou Reply

      heee, yeah you should..

      enjoy the desert and the dim sum~ quite nice eh`

  2. Satisfyingtummy Reply

    hmmm….hungry!! since i lost my hp then i stop blogging le coz no camera n bcome more n more lazy. After tht diet planning come ma…then i hilang from food world lo 😛 But i still supporting u wo, see how nice i am? XD

    • Taufulou Reply

      woah..! u so late look at the post of course hungry ler..

      u end up go supper a not?jkekekek.. y no camera? aiyoo~ diet? lol..u so thin d some mroe want diet ah..*faint

      heee, thank you veli much time go back treat you eat~

  3. omg… i was hungry and now i get even more hungry. if only i could lick the screen and still taste the dimsum… >.<

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