There is some left over from my over bought of roast pork previous day. Then not sure what to do and craving for Kimchi Fried Rice (previous recipe here). then suddenly have they thought why not add in. So I turn it into Roast Pork Kimchi Fried Rice. Recipe as below:



120g SPAM
20 g Garlic
70 g onion
350g kimchi (2-3 weeks old prefer)

1 tbl spoon sesame oil
1 tbl spoon soy sauce


This round I enhance with more ingredient, like kimchi then final, add in 150gram of roast pork. Do a quick stir fry when your rice is about ready.

kimchi fried rice

Make sure the colour of your roast pork turn to kimchi colour then it is then more than ready to take up. This shows that the kimchi taste had gone into the pork.

roast pork fried rice

Of course need to top up with sunny side up!

roast pork kimchi fried rice

Toadaa my Kimchi Roast pork fried rice. Yumz!


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