Last week I went for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear lauching that took place in Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. As a Note user myself, I definitely looking forward for this device to find out more about what are the other improvement for it. Currently I am still using Note 1.

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Seldom there is a launch that took place as early as this that we were here from 9am onwards.

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The launch as usual, will have the LED panel and I still find that their S3 launch still impress me much compare to their upcoming launch like S4 and this.

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Then the event took off with Will Quah being the Emcee, and introducing  MD of Malaysia Kwon Jae-Hoon for the official opening Keynotes.

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After some presentation about Note 3 features, one that capture my attention that they are enhancing the security issue on mobile phones too by introducing Samsung Knox that is available to Note 3 at the moment whereby a solution that enables you to maintain one smartphone for work and play.

For more info you can check it here – Samsung Knox.

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To make it cooler, as you have friends that use the same unit, you can share/sync it become a huge screen with their Multi vision Group function.

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The next latest gadget being introduce by them to go hand in hand with Note 3 is this Galaxy Gear. A new modern watch that have its function of its own that act like a mini tool for Note 3 whereby you do not have to take your phone out at all. With this unit, you can keep your phone in the bag without taking it out to check any of incoming messages or calls.

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One good thing about this is there are about 72 apps that you can download to the Samsung Gear.

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 and now both of the devices are officially launch since last Friday.

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 The hall were pack with all the available media on tech.

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Right after the launch, we were brought to another section to test out both of the devices.

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This is the cool factor to own both of the devices at one time. Future secret agent for public? Maybe. .

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as everyone were busy getting their hands onto the device, I also get my hands on both devices.

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 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear

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What are the enhancement of this Note 3 compare to the others? AS for conclusion:

1) The colour of screen is more vibrant

2) Bigger screen as now its 5.7inch as Note 2 only 5.5 inch

3) Lighter + faster processor and good for those who multitask on the device.

4) Air Command is more sensitive with S pen are now more effective with the software that comes along, can do alot of short cut and send it directly. Best of all its something like drag and drop.

5) most important is their camera which is now 13mp and its pretty impressive along with their video recording in Full HD.

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Many have talk about the leather stitching back case . . It is not as what I imagine about the quality but still acceptable. Love the grip of it as its more squarish now and definitely thinner.

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To Next secret agent device – Galaxy Gear. Here is the spec for this Smartwatch:

  • 1.63″ Super AMOLED display (320 X 320)
  • 800 MHz Exynos processor
  • 111.1 mm thin, weighing only 73.8 grams
  • 315 mAh non-removable battery (up to 25 hours)
  • Connectivity : 2 microphones, 1 speaker,  Bluetooth 4.0, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
  • Build material : Textured leather back with stitching details
  • Available in 6 colours : Jet Black, Oatmeal Beige, Wild Orange, Rose Gold, Lime Green, Mocha Gray

With the 1.63 inch, that makes them one of the biggest smart watch in the market if I am not mistaken. I have the size of it for a guy and on the top picture, its wear on a girls wrist that look pretty giant on it and right below is me wearing the watch and it look just nice.

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Do not look down on this little camera as we have tested it out and it turns out pretty good with 1.9 megapixel autofocus camera (720p video recording) and build in 4 GB internal memory + 512 MB RAM. So do not have to worry about over loaded of pictures whereby it can also direct sync to your phone. Any capture from this little smartwatch will direct store into the phone too.

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Can this watch answer call? Definately yess as the speaker is build in at the strap, and only loudspeaker is available.

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What do I think about Note 3? Its a great phone for those who never own Note series before as there are alot of enhancement to it. For Note 2 user to upgrade, I think you can skip this as its pretty much the same.

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As for Note 3 now, they comes in alot of available colours of skin for your phone to make it more lively and below is the official video for your view.

I believe now Note 3 is available is many of the telco service provider. Do check them out.

Official website Note 3 – click here to find out more.


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