During last night of my stay in Bandung, my friend brought us to Badung Bar & Restaurant that I believe San Miguel is their main beer in this outlet. As my friend told me that this is their latest hangout spot that newly opened end of last year and its already famous among its neighborhood.

bandun - san miguel (1)

bandun - san miguel (2)

It was weekdays and it consider it alot people . .

bandun - san miguel (3)

Will walk in and at the side its filled with greens. .

bandun - san miguel (4)

and this place is seriously spacious. . as I walk further in, i cannot believe how big place it is just for a place to chill and with a few sections to choose from . . .

bandun - san miguel (5)

You can Either sit at the bar area, sofa area, normal dining area or upstairs. . so

bandun - san miguel (6)

and this is the upper area. . .Before I head up where all my friends are seated up there, I walked around and I jus love the ambiance of this bar. 70% made of wood as in rooftop, wall, bar counter, chairs  . . .

bandun - san miguel (7)

bandun - san miguel (8)

bandun - san miguel (9)

bandun - san miguel (10)

then only I head upstairs

bandun - san miguel (11)

which is more like a sofa area and certainly this place is not huge but its merrier as the place is small and every 1 talking loud..

bandun - san miguel (12)

bandun - san miguel (13)

Price here is abit more expensive compare to others as I consider here more upper class. . :p

bandun - san miguel (14)

bandun - san miguel (15)

Then I tried out their San Miguel beer draft which is pretty good, not too bitter and smooth . .

bandun - san miguel (16)

and well, leaving Bandung with lots of shopping and this is what I had shopped during my 3 days stay there. . Severe damage in pocket!

Well, I can only say, Bandung is a perfect place to go shopping and eat + extra bonus is their weather is chill at night. ITs best for you to check when is their raining season before you get your tickets.

Full Itinerary will come out soon . .


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  1. the place is nice, it is like a place having fun and chill with friend, so . . . do they blast loud music? hahah hope they dun > . <

    • Taufulou Reply

      nope..the play soft rnb music..,memang a perfect bar to hang out . .

  2. Bandung san miguel is a nice place to visit because of its good building design and surrounding. I also felt the same like you when I entered the place. I was surprised of how wide this place. The site plan is interesting, it’s placing the main bar in the middle with traditional roof shaped building design. Others are more alike wooden canopy. My friends and I chose this place for our architecture study. Do you have any idea about the manager of this cafe? Not many talking about Bandung San Miguel… Thank you for your help.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Maria,

      yah, still one of my favourite place to visit. Did drop by again on Jan during meet up with my friend.s. .

      Don really know the manager of the outlet. Maybe you can try emailing them.

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