Right after Christmas, next big major festive is Chinese New Year. Well, one of a well known local favourite ice cream brand, Sangkaya Opulence Bowl & Fortune Shake is offered during this festive period. . Both are available in two flavours.

SAngkaya CNY (2)

In Chinese tradition, often associate something with good sign as this round, Orange and Pineapple hold a strong symbolization in the Chinese culture as they symbolize good fortune and wealth.

SAngkaya CNY (3)

Among the two flavours, I like Pineapple Zest Bowl more as give you the little hint of pineapple to my liking. @ RM 8.40. The same goes with their Fortune Shake @ RM 7.40. Pineapple is preferred.

SAngkaya CNY (4)

Upon purchase they do give out fortune cookies. with this remark, I guess best to lay low and constantly learning.

SAngkaya CNY (5)

You can even pack these two new Sangkaya ice cream flavours home with the specially designed Sangkaya cooler bag. Limited edition angpow packets will also be given away with any two purchase of the new products. Do check with the friendly Sangkaya team for more information.

For more information, visit Sangkaya Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sangkaya/

Sangkaya website:  http://sangkaya.co/


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