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Every state is famous for their own local food, especially when one do travel to Melaka, ‘Satay Celup’ is a food that you would rarely miss. There are numerous hype over Satay Celup in Melaka from years ago till now which is heavily commercialize. Comparing to Penang version, their soup base is made of satay penut sauce as per compare to Penang on clear soup base with 3 sauces to choose from as the sides.

satay celup (1)

Upon arriving to their old destination, I stumble this outlet on my right as it seems like a new shop and I pull over as it is rather empty when I reach. I remember clearly that their outlet is opposite a furniture shop and later only found out that this is another branch of them.

satay celup (2)

This is the ‘Satay Sauce base soup’ which is abit thick, with peanut base, yet a bit spicy. Perfect soup base.

satay celup (3)

Now their system is more in place where there are food trays to place all your chosen sticks from the fridge to be place on it instead of plate.

satay celup (4)

Variety of ingredients for you to choose from, as from the side which is fried items to those place inside fridge.

satay celup (5)

One fridge is filled with veggies and seafood and the other is meat.

satay celup (6)

satay celup (7)

satay celup (8)

satay celup (9)

satay celup (10)

Ingredients seems lesser compare to last I had was 2009 and if I remember correctly, peanut soup base sauce is thicker, slightly mild spicy and quite fragrant as per compare to now, which is quite slightly diluted.

satay celup (11)

I was sharing table with another couple and they felt the same way too. Quality drop?? This question shall leave it for you to judge on.

satay celup (12)

Nevertheless, still one of a kind street food to go after and I have miss out this for the past few trips due to events that I am attending and could not fit onto the time.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 7/10, Still one of a kind street food to go after~ -Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Restaurant Ban Lee Siang
45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,
(opp furniture shop)
Operating Hours: 5pm onwards till late
Tel: 012-6515322
There is this new shop where you will reach first on your right, before original shop opposite Furniture shop


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  1. anonymous: weih~ seriously, thanks for your efford in looking for the website..

    since its your recommendation, i definately will put into my list on my next trip to there..

    Thank you thank you~

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