Traders Hotel is one of a place that I used to visit quite often because of their famous SKY Bar that they own with one of a signature KLCC Twin Tower View that had made its mark to many local and international crowd.

I have never set foot into one of their restaurant till my recent visit for their Seafood Buffet which is in Gobo Chit Chat. As I walked in the restaurant is  contemporary and offer guests a trendy and spacious interior set with curved hanger ceiling. Dining is set on different levels to create more chic and private space. Gobo Chit Chat is set with various food stations serving international and local cuisine. The open kitchen and live stations offer freshly prepared dishes served to order. From its Japanese sushi bar, Antipasti bar to front noodle kitchen, grill bar and dessert bar, there is something delicious for everyone.

seafood (1)

seafood (2)

Alot of good mix in their counter and it do look that there are alot of food for you to hunt for. This is their Japanese Section with fresh sashimi, sushi and teriyaki.

seafood (3)

seafood (4)

As  I am walking around to check out their buffet spread, I am totally impress and bought over by their seafood range. Its so generous that you can hunt quite a good amount of seafood that are being available for your food hunting.

seafood (5)

At their grill section, you can hunt for Slipper Lobster, Baby Lobster, Fresh Oysters, Scallops, Crabs, Blue Yabbies, Clams, Mussels and assorted varieties of Prawns.

seafood (6)

 off track a bit with nice piece of beef

seafood (7)

 Then we walked to another section, you are being pamper with . . .

seafood (8)

 Different types of cold platters. . .

seafood (9)


seafood (10)


seafood (11)

This would be the jackpot for the night as Fresh Oyster, Scallops, Mini Lobster, Tiger Prawns are all being pre cook and best of all is this –  Alaskan King Crab

seafood (12)

You can get the huge claw or legs that the meat is super sweet and juicy. Something that I could not resist. Or you can get the readily cut pieces if you do not want to dirty your hand.

seafood (13)


seafood (14)

 Fresh crabs are available and cook on the spot as is being cook in Butter Crab version.

seafood (15)


seafood (16)

seafood (17)

 Asian Food Section . .

seafood (18)

seafood (19)

seafood (20)

seafood (21)

seafood (22)

seafood (23)

 Dessert Section . . From Mini Puddings to Mini Desserts in little shot glass and bottles to Tarts, Cakes, Pastries, Eclairs, Cookies, it’s a sweet feast.

seafood (24)

seafood (25)

seafood (26)

seafood (27)

seafood (28)

tadaaa. . .upon ordering for the claypot butter crab, you will be provided a number and it will be serve to your table once its done.

seafood (29)

 Crab is good though, just that I wish they can use more ice to cover the crab.

seafood (30)

This is for you to know how big the Alaskan crab is with Wei Sze (kampungboycitygirl) posing for you. . :p

If you are looking for value for money seafood buffeet on Friday or Saturday, then you surely can consider this Dinner is priced at RM108++ per person available every Friday and Saturday from now till 29th November. Not only that, as the Chilean wine that they are doing a promo for this Seafood is price at RM65++ per bottle. ITs a great value for money and the White wine is certainly my prefer choice to go with this seafood.

Level 5, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2332 9888



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