Owning a car is easy, just give deposit, wait for bank approval and drive off. As for me, I do it slightly different. For the past 4 cars that I owned, I only purchase second cars. One of the main reason is that, they take in my car, and I purchase another car from them or another shop. However, my encounter with Seng Cars World in Cheras is different experience.  I am amazed by their one stop solution center as second car shop.

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There are 2 ways usually we sell our car.

  1. online
  2. offline (which is to second hand car shop – which is more instant)


One stop solution from Seng Cars World are:

  1. You can drive your car into the shop, sell it to them as they are known for their reasonable buy in rates
  2. You can pick any of the car available in the shop for purchase
  3. The car purchase from them are insured by Seng Cars World for 1 year (which I have not encounter before, usually is direct to the car brand)
  4. They have their own service center, hence your after sales you can go back to their car workshop
  5. They have spa and tint whereby the car purchase can direct head into spa and tint
  6. The best of all, the buy and sell transaction, can be done within 1-3 hours (depending on your credit ratings)


  1. if you are coming from outstation and keen to visit their showroom, do let them know 2 days in advance, they will send some one to pick u up at the bus station or airport.

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Ranging from luxury to normal sedan segment. I realize that, most of the luxury car comes with nice car plate.

Even a bumblebee Ford Mustang is available too.

Seng Cars (9)


Seng Cars (10)

Seng Cars (11)

Seng Cars (13)

When you reach, you will be attended by their sales person. Touring me around and ask what’s my budget for my next car. This new BMW X5 is one of their newest buy in and it is worth the price tag.

Seng Cars (14)

Seng Cars (15)

Seng Cars (12)

Then of course on my budget, I head over to their sedan segment which is in my price range. They have nearly most of the vehicle brand that we can name them.

Seng Cars (16)

Seng Cars (8)

I have always love Honda Jazz which is my 2nd car before my current. Small, fast, reliable and easy parking. This unit is nicely modified with Mugen racing kit set.

Seng Cars (17)


Seng Cars world

During your buy and sell purchase, you will be attended by their office staff in the waiting area.

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They also have special dedicated area for insurance and road tax renewal

Seng Cars (19)

this is where after your purchase of car, you will be heading to their first pit stop. Car Spa and tint.

Seng Cars (18)

Seng Cars (21)

Seng Cars (20)

Seng Cars (22)

Seng Cars (23)

Seng Cars (23.1)

Of course as mention, their after car sales service that have 1 year warranty. This is where you will be heading back for services and inspection.

Seng Cars (23.2)

Of course their workshop is open for public. Whenever your car do have a problem, you can still head to their workshop for inspection and services. They fix both luxury and sedan cars.

Seng Cars (24)

Seng Cars (25)

Seng Cars (27)

It is a rare sight for me as I never knew that now second hand car dealer have offer so much services, compare to my last encounter in Penang. Indeed Seng Cars World is one of a top car dealer around the area or the top second car shop in KL you can find in this Cheras area.


Seng Cars World
LOT 725, BATU 12,
JALAN CHERAS, 43000 Kajang

Tel: 012-6590060


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