I was introduce by my friend that the original Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice is hidden inside Brickfields. The heart of Little India in KL. He mention that, currently this is one of his favourite place for this Indian Curry Claypot rice that brings a satisfactory kick to him.

A place which is rather newly operated which is about 9 months old and did ask the owner on the other outlet mention by other media platform. He mention that that is sort of like another branch but authenticity still remains here as he is the founding person.

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (2)

by Looking at their cooking method and ingredients prepare at the side, I am pretty sure that I am going to enjoy this dish. Easily there are 15 types of ingredient including spices in this table.

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (3)

you get to choose what type of meat you prefer as their main are Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Vegetarian and others.

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (4)

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (6)

Look at the thick curries.

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (7)

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (8)

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (9)

We order both Chicken and mutton to try it out and I find that mutton is the best option. Love the small pieces chunks which is just nice to bite on each spoonfull. Love the curry spices mild after taste of it as it is pretty fragrant. One thing is lacking is the spiciness. Just of hint of it at the moment.

very interesting too. Maybe also I associate to Chinese type of claypot rice where I do expect some burnt edges at the bottom. Wondering how would it taste like if a burnt curry. Could it be more fragrant?

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (10)

certainly would not mind to go back again and next round would go back by ordering a side mutton curry too. Just by looking at the fiery red colour and the smell of fragrant spices poke through my nose makes me drool.

Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice (1)

Worth to come a try as it starts from RM 8 onwards. They are operating in this Foodcourt in Brickfields.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, Not too bad eh.Can cuba cuba!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Seni Sattisorru Claypot Curry Rice
Medan Selera Brickfields
Jalan Tun Sambatan
Brickfields, 55200 KL

Operating Hours:
5pm – 11pm


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  1. your english is probably one of the worst i have seen. so bad to the point that its almost hilarious.

    • Hey John,

      thanks for your feedback. Not an English superstar as my blog is for me to improve my language as I am only a SPM holder. Feel free to be my mentor if I have room to further improve. Much appreciated.

      thank you.

    • SirjeiTjamz Reply

      Dude.. could it be that he was spending more time learning manners and courtesy instead of being perfect in a foreign language?

  2. Do you have delivery service for this food..I prefer to have delivery food service

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