Wow, I think its really been a while since I last wrote my travel post, after Hong Kong + Taiwan + Bandung + Jakarta I stopped. Last year all my trip I have yet blog about it yet and since a few friends and readers knew I went to Korea and wanted me to blog about it, so I will skip the rest and start with this first.

I went to Korea in Oct and its not the best month to go yet cause I have always love their winter season. Well, we came into a conclusion to visit in Oct that both of us are busy over month of Nov and Dec, therefore we got no choice to head off in Oct. Before this, I did traveled to Seoul once 15 years ago during the Winter Sonata fever.

Seoul (1)

This round we fly over with MAS as I check AirAsia they ticket were about RM1300 and MAS is about RM1600 and since its 7 hours flight, I rather go with MAS that comes with in flight entertainment and meals with free flow of drinks. Love the timing that MAS has as fly over mid night and reach early morning. .

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 Keke, instagraming before I fly off

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Right before breakfast, they have a morning call to wake you up to prepare you for your breakfast. The meal is serve 90 minutes before landing.

Seoul (33)

whenever fly over night flight, I would always request for window seat to enjoy my morning sunrise view. Its amazing and its like Hiking to Mt.Kinabalu (which I have yet blog about it) to see this view yet easy way out is sitting in window seat to enjoy this.

Seoul (35)

During our journey, we were hammered with 3 meals in the flight with 2 light meal and 1 breakfast. MAS food were decent as they comes with alot of variety, fruits, yogurt, drinks, warm bread and main meal. I chose their omelet and forgot to take picture of it. ūüėÄ

Seoul (38)

We arrive at Incheon International Airport 30 minutes from the original time schedule which is good as I know that this airport is heavy loaded with passenger and lots of people. We were the first flight to be in here.

Seoul (39)

The airport is not empty is just that we took our leisure time in toilet to freshen up and knowing that the baggage collection is going to take a while. Its a pretty huge airport on another side of the city.

Seoul (40)

Then have to take train to the main terminal for immigration. Immigration counter always take the most far left that have their local citizen passport counter as whenever there is no locals that going thru, that line will be called upon to a few of their counter. Its very fast and only that line. I was stuck in the immigration for 45 minutes due to one of the guy is pretty slow.

You can swap line after that as more flights are arriving after that and you will be amaze within 20 minutes the load of passenger that arrive at the counter is so fast.

Seoul (41)

Right after baggage collection, head out to the exit, then head over their lowest level and walk over to their train terminal. Takes about 5 minutes walk. (as I said its a huge airport)

Seoul (42)

Before I came over here, I have read many blogs that public transportation in Seoul is very convenient. There are 4 ways to get down to the city via:

1) Airport Railroad Express (AREX) subway (Express with 1 stop direct about 40 minutes journey) – ‚ā©8000 (about RM 24)
2) Seoul Metropolitan Subway (Slightly Cheaper but many stops about 60 minutes journey) –¬†‚ā©4000 (about RM12)
3) airport limousine buses (depends where your homestay/hotel is)
4) taxis (the most expensive)

Seoul (43)

Right after I bought the ticket, I realise I bought the wrong one as I was looking for express train to the city yet I bought all stops. I thought its all the same entrance and I was wrong.

For express train down via AREX, its directly opposite the all stop station.

Seoul (44)

¬†One way for 2 person is¬†‚ā© 8000 (about RM 24)

Seoul (45)

Their train is seriously long. Its easily 6 times longer compare to our KL LRT.

Seoul (47)

 Incheon Airport is lcoated at another side of the city and will pass thru a very long bridge.

Seoul (48)

Love the indicator that letting you know where the train had pass thru already as most of the people in the train fell asleep. ūüėÄ

Seoul (49)

Here am I at my Homestay location as this round I did not pick to stay in hotel for first 2 days as I thought it would be a great advantage to check them out and during my hunting I found this website advertise in Google ad and I click on it, I am amazed and lucky to know this website too known as Its a website that mostly advertise all local homestay, that some stay with host and my bookings I book the whole studio by ourselves.

their ID in AIRBNB is Urban Ninehouse (click here) Рhighly recommended owner. We were late on our bookings and only manage to book one of their concept. They have 4 other concept located around Seoul Station which is very convenient for public transportation access. Its only about 5 mintues walk from the place we stay.

On the day of our arrival, we let the owner know and we really have to thank both of them for picking us up at the station with our luggage, as their homestay is located on top of the little hill.

Seoul (50)

Seoul (51)

 All their apartment are filled with numeric security door system.

Seoul (52)

Upon our step into the unit, we were mesmerize by the room and love it so much. It looks exaclty the same as advertise in AirBNB. One of the main reason we chose this unit because. . ..

Seoul (53)

It comes with huge balcony and I hang out here at night enjoying the chill wind with my beer.

Seoul (54)

A view that overlook the neighborhood at one corner.

Seoul (55)

Toilet is pretty decent as it comes with warm water too and do not panic that the warm water takes about 2-4 minutes to flow. . The owner is nice enough to prepare basic toiletries with shampoo, shower gel and tooth paste.

Seoul (56)

 Air con is right by the side, with towels and rack to hand clothes.

Seoul (57)

 Huge TV with over 100 channels for you to view  . .

Seoul (58)

Seoul (59)

 and if you decided to cook, they have all the basis kitchen utesils for you to prepare your meal.

Seoul (60)

Seoul (61)

Love the room so much as its so clean and feel so homey. Best of all is their bed is so comfy and soft. I would rate this place is my best stay in Seoul as the other hotel that I book is rather disappointed.

Seoul (62)

Seoul (63)

 Umbrella is prepared for you just in case it is raining outside.

Seoul (64)

 If you feel hungry or thirsty, local convenient shop is only 1 minutes walk away.

Seoul (65)

The huge set back about this place is you have to go thru a long climb with the stairs, as that is why I truely appreciate that the owner pick us up with luggage. Imagine that you are here with 2 big lugguage and slowly hike up with it.

Seoul (66)

We woke up very early and depart from the apartment everyday at 7.30am to start discovering the city and the sad part is we did not manage to try this porkie shop as the soup base that they are cooking smells so good. As we return back to our studio about 11pm, this shop had already close.

Seoul (67)

Just incase the owner can pick you up, here is the guid. Exit 4 (if I am not mistaken) from Seoul Station  then turn left from the exit as you will see a pedestrian traffic light, cross over then within 20 meter you will see this petrol station and walk into the alley whereby the auntie in red sweater is walking in till you see the porkie shop. Direction is work backwards from this picture.

Seoul (68)

Seoul station is really another big transportation hub, as its filled with train to Busan, Jeju and other parts of Seoul, also MRT station is at another end of the Airport train is. Convinently located to the homestay which is just 5 minutes walk away.

check them out here (Urban Ninehouse)

next post will be Deoksugung Palace


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