Burger joint hit our market big and hard, as you did see it mushroom every where about 2-3 years ago and now it is only left a handful. Got to learn that Shake Shack is quite a prominent brand in the States and seems that quite number of my friends are a big fan of this brand.

Certainly this brand currently is not available in Malaysia as I enjoy this outlet in Dubai Mall. Upon entering the outlet, you will be greeted and assist by their friendly staff as this outlet is a self service outlet.


Menu is pretty simple and straight forward as everything is just plastered on the wall with price are quite reasonable in Dubai.


Check out their Specials as they do change from time to time. 


I am amazed with the spirit of their staff and the amount of staff they have for ordering and kitchen. It’s a self service outlet where you place your order then you will be given the electronic device caller. Once it beep head over to collection counter for your food. Hard copy menu is place at their counter if you are unable to read on the board.




The Beeper


Ready to collect and move enjoy my meal.  At the sauce counter, there will be some one assisting you in all your sauce, which is good for especially a person with full of tray. The girl at the sauce counter will be able to assist much.


This is what I mean, where the staff at the sauce counter had help me to collect all the necessary things that I need and place it on my tray.



Love their interior too as its pretty simple, contemporary and direct yet cozy.


Meals for 2 person.


Got their cheese fries. Simple and direct with a great cut, wish that I could have more cheese sauce. It taste best when you add in the chilli to make it extra umph!



Their classic - Shake Burger @ AED 42 (on the top) with double patty is something that you would not want to miss. It is something very classic, direct as I love their patty, and top it with cheese as will be in my recommended item in this whole menu.


Shack Meister @ AED 32 is topped with crispy marinated shallots and Shack Sauce.


If you prefer something juicy would be Shroom Burger (Vegetarian) - i requested to add ina slice of meat to make it better. Indeed, its something you would not want to miss.


Veal bacon cheese burger, is something another unique combination as it’s a limited edition series.


Shack-Cago Hotdog @ AED 25.


Love their lemonade as I thought that my sourness taste bud is pretty strong, indeed theirs is stronger. Refreshing!


Another type of rootbeer that I am trying. Love the gas and best of all its not too sweet.


Their ice cream is amazing which is also known as Concrete, where red velvet and vanilla custard ice cream certainly is my favourite among the list, its so addictive that you cant really stop. Next would be their chocolate series (Dubai Malt) that the girls love it and keep digging in.

Certainly will be a great place for family and friends for such a simple meal where their cheese burger is pretty outstanding.


The Dubai Mall

(First Floor, Near The Waterfall)

Doha Street

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(+974) 04 – 4190370

[email protected]

Operation Hours: 10am - 12am.


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