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After all the factory outlet shopping, we head to this mall from Rumah Mode which is aroaund 10 minutes ride cost about ID 15000(RM5) as I did research on the internet that they do have a newly open mall which is one of the main landmark in Bandung is, Paris Van Java Mall which is also a must visit mall.

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 I am certainly very impress with the concept that they have for their mall, which most of them are not high rice but more like a boutique open concept mall, which is the main street of the mall. Certainly this place doesnt look like Bandung with the concept of it.

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Came acrross this stall that sell all very classic items.

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When I saw this, I was like….eyyyyyy… this is the bubble gam that I used to eat when I was a kid. .. . .

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and the house building that I used to play. This stall sell all those classic childhood games and snacks that I used to play.

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Their center court  is filled with nature sunflower farm with around 5 kiosk operating in the area that sell all cute and unique items.

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At their lower ground, the fnb in there renovate till very classic with this stall catch our eyes. Sagoo which sell local food a bit of cross over Malaysian food.

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The decoration is all by using classic items.

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The best thing about this mall is that, on the outside terrace, where most of the famous F&B shops are located that stretch along outside the mall that it is so easy to find it and a cosy place to hang out. I sure wish that Malaysia Have this kind of mall.

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Next destination we are heading to is this place Cihampelas that locates another long stretch of Factory outlet. This area, the stuff that they sell are quite different compare to the 2 location that I went. The things that the outlet sell here are alot cheaper, a bit low in quality, a place to get bargain n get cheap and nice stuff.

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This place is famous for its deep fried Tempe then convert to snacks, Odjulali Snacks.

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One thing that I notice is that all their KFC and MacD outlets are build uniquely.

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One funny thing that I discover is that, most of the shop here are in the mood of Superhero with alot of character are being placed outside. This Factory Outlet Superhero place Ultraman and Terminator guy outside as their logo.

bandung shop (20)

We have Batman

bandung shop (21)

We have Spiderman and Superman

bandung shop (22)

Rainbow also got. . ..

bandung shop (23)

Iron Man outlet. . . .

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Then this shop sells unique bag, from coffin style, fancy style to

bandung shop (25)

Scream . .. . and I know what you did last summer. .. .

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The t-shits sell here are very cheap, with more on their ‘Bandung Mark’ on it. I manage to bargain 3 pcs of t-shirt for ID50,000 (around RM 22) as average per piece selling here are around ID30,000 depends on how you bargain with them. The quality cotton of the T-shirt are really good!


After walking too long and our leg need to be pampered we head to this Spring Reflexlogy, Cihampelas located along the streets too. When we went in and saw the price, our jaw dropped. 1 hour reflexlogy for ID40,000 (around RM 17) that the treatment ended up around 1 hour 20 minutes, which is seriously Cheap! As we got to know that SPA in Bandung is also very famous for cheap and good with hotel quality type.

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Head towards their Cihampelas Walk which is a mall.

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Another open concept style, abit like The Curve KL but definately much nicer than it.

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They have glass outlet located outside,. . .. .

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The 4 star Cihampelas Hotel that have a famous club next to it with satalite view, the hotel looks like a butterfly.

bandung shop (32)

their F&B area . . . .

bandung shop (34)

At the side walk is a combination of F&B and retailing outlets.

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This shop caught our attention the most, Blind – A journey of taste. . .  The concept that build to eat in the dark, all our equipment that has lights, handphone, anything related will be kept in their lockers. Then you will go in and dine in total dark to make the exciment of eating experience even better, the purpose is to try to eat out what is the taste and food they serve.

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Inside the mall have this Nike Factory Outlet that sell seriously cheap shoes. My friend bought it for as low as RM75 per pair.. so bad that don have my size!

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This is the total damage of my shopping trip that cost me over budget alota round RM1400 (just shopping only). I bought brand like Energie, Burberry working shirt and polo-T, Tommy, Nudie Jeans, Lacoste, Polo, Nudie Jeans, Super Dry and a rejected belt  Ferragamo as most of them ranging from RM50-RM110 the most expensive.

You calculate yourself see its worth to shop or not.

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    • Taufulou Reply

      okok.. i will.. its end of th eyear.. i think going around 1 week, and might be heading to my friends hometown Nias 3 hours from BAndung which is a virgin Island not much people know about it with crystal clear water. . .

  1. My colleagues and friends also came back telling that Bandung is a nice place to shop till drop!!

    • Taufulou Reply is eh.. you should try to go there and shop then you tell us your exp..see drop a not..

  2. Are those stuff ori?

    I heard lotsa fake stuff in bandung as well.

    Mind telling how much are those Nudie jeans?U got it from Nudie outlet there?


    • Taufulou Reply

      what i been told by my friend there are fakes too. . .

      the area tat I went Dago mostly sell rejected goods and have to beware some of the outlets there are fakes. .
      the Nudie jeans I got was for the short jeans I bought RM 100 and the long pants around RM150. . .
      the quality is similiar to the pair of Nudie Jeans I have..

      Ori or not on my purchase.. I still have no idea but quite satisfied with the quality . .:)

    • Taufulou Reply

      yes i did.. i usually bought alot in Indonesia, . . its genuinne,

      they have Polo and Polo Ralph Laurent.. would advise you go to the boutique instead off buying at factory outlet. ..

  3. Mohammed Yunus Reply

    Bandung looks so beautiful I hope to go there soon Insya Allah. I feel so sad that this Muslim country called Indonesia will soon be a Christian country as i see the number of Murtad in Indonesia. Indonesian we are sad to see you leave Islam but its your choise and in the hereafter Allah will judge.

  4. This month my mother want going to Bandung then I want her buy to me some collection wallet Gucci collection, shirt polo plant wif design hourse , pants Zara collection …. May I know which place batter shopping all about I need from there…

    • admin Reply

      Hi Danial,

      I think for more authentic stuff, you can head to Rumah Mode.. the rest of ffactory outlet is at your own risk d. . 🙂 Enjoy your holiday there

  5. Just came back from Bandung last friday.Please bring more MONEY if you people are heading to Bandung.I bring one suitcase and back to spore with 3 suitcases.Its heaven and u can shop till u go broke or pokai.Branded goods are very cheap compared to spore.For credit card user,please beware of credit limit It can drain your credit dry.Coming back to Bandung next year.its a must.

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