peter pan (5)

David Cort is a very experience choreographer or would say the main man behind this great scene to ensure everything runing smoothly telling us alot of things which I shall tell you guys more on the Q & A session.

peter pan (6)

Aaron (CEO of Sunway Lagoon), the person that made this whole thing possible with the collaboration of his company and West End Production to bring this magical stage to all of us and the way he explain the whole thing, makes all of us so exited in counting our days to the Main Gala Premier show!

peter pan (7)

A sneak peak of the show . . Wendy and Nana . . .

peter pan (8)

Here comes Peter Pan to meet Wendy . . . that on the original day of the scene, both of them will be flying and since Christmas is around the Corner, they are creating a Christmas feel too on the very first set of scene.

peter pan (9)

Captain Hook and Smee . ..

peter pan (10)

The principal cast members of the Musical โ€“ Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Smee all hail from the London West End scene which they are accompanied by the boundless talent of the ensemble cast and dances who are no strangers to productions from Disney and West End. Directed by Chris Colby and choreographed by David Kort, whom are West end veterans themselves, that we can experience a world class musical extravaganza.

peter pan (11)

Close up with Smee which is very fun and cheerful guy in personality had made himself on this role very good.

peter pan (12)

Captain Hook which had been playing this role for very long time and I just love his style!

peter pan (13)

Peter Pan so yeng!

peter pan (14)

peter pan (17)

and not to be miss, lovely Wendy that always smile all the way and definately she loves to eat~ ๐Ÿ™‚

peter pan (20)

We had a chance of personal Q&A with the cast.

peter pan (22)

Q&A Sessions:

I can only summaries ย that the stage play cost around RM1.2 million, the took around 3-5 months to get all these done into one piece by doing casting on the talent, bringing international talent from Europe, South America, the Philippines, Indonesia and our local talent Malaysia.

peter pan (21)

Of course when got a chance to take picture with the cast, how can we miss that?

peter pan (23)

Peter Pan and Wendy

peter pan (18)

Merryn and Captain Hook

peter pan (19)

Me of course trying to immitate him. .

peter pan (24)

peter pan (25)

Smee and Me

peter pan (26)

A great choreographer David Kort.

For Video teaser that we see on that day, this is a sneak peek taken by Merryn which we truely enjoy and cant wait for the actual stage play which is happening on this Friday.

I have gotten my ticket and have you gotten yours yet?

Show times are at 5:30pm daily and 8:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Ticket prices starts from RM60 – RM160 (Adult) and RM40 – RM120 (Child).
Ticket prices exclude RM3 processing fee.

Tickets are available from Sunway Lagoon Ticketing Counters, Ticket Charge Online Ticketing, and AirAsia RedTix.
For bulk ticket purchases, please call 603-5639 0191 (Ms Low Chin Yee) or 603-5639 0186 (Ms Sharifah). For live updates, connect to Sunway Lagoon on or

Good news for Public Bank Card User as you are entitle for 40% disc.

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  2. *envy* haha captain hook looks scary la! n peter pan really yeng! haha! so nice can take pic with them! ๐Ÿ˜€

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