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When this was served, I was a bit lost, huh’ why are they serving coffee to us and I do not remember that I ordered any coffee for my meal, then they told me that, just dip in and discover yourself.
As my spoon poke through top soft foamy layer and as it went half way through then the texture become a bit more solid and dip all the way down and pull all the way up to see what was it, its filled with a bit of mushroom chunks and onion, I was like ahhh, mushroom soup. More like a cappuccino mushroom soup which is a bit creamy and foamy. The taste is unique and pretty good that goes along very well with the garlic bread. ‘Wild Mushroom Soup with garlic Bread’ @ RM15.90

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This is the first time I see ‘Peking Duck with Deep Fried Mantou Bun’ as usually pecking duck  is cut into thin slice and wrap into a roll. . . Man tou was fried to crips add on with the roast duck clip inbetween spread with the sauce I just had the whole stick by myself. RM15.90

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Pizza Teriyaki Salmon is one of my favourite for the night with sweet teriyaki sauce spread as the base on the crust of the pizza and the flakes was sprinkle on top to ccover the chunky salmon.  RM29.90

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Pizza Chicken Satay is more towards our local taste RM25.90

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Peppered Ahi Tuna to me it feels something like tuna takaki which is the outer layer of the skin is coated with black pepper and was pan grill till it is medium rare. Try this out, you will definately like it. RM26.90

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if for the night you opted to go something healthy then Caesar Salad is one of the range to choose from RM19.90

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Baked Atlantic Cod Fish is another star of the night. soft cod fish meat shows that it is fresh with mash potato and creamy sauce is something that cant stop me and Esther keep eating it. Recommended~  RM49.90

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Tagliatelle pasta “seafood jambalaya” top with fresh seafood, scallop, mussels and prawns, RM31.90

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Malaysian Delight filled with beef rendang, stir fried vegetable with sambal, archar and tumeric rice @ RM29.90




Tiger King Prawns NoodleRM38.90

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Tiramisu one of my favourite with lots of chocolate powder on the top soft creamy texture inside something I always prefer, RM12.90

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Red Bean Galore with red bean blended till quite thick n soft texture top with sesame ice cream and soft gingko nuts and sesame ice cream lover, its a must order for you .. . RM12.90

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After our meal, we head down to their lower level of the restaurant which turns out more like a bar area and on Monday night, its consider pretty good crowd  . .

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They also serve Starker

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this area is more towards on their open area concept with and its pretty cool in there.

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Live band to entertain crowd for the night .. .

Social KL
G02 and LG02-04, GTower,
199, Jln Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS Coordinates: 3.159377,101.719855

Operating hours:
Mon – Sun: 11.00am – 1.00am

Contact No:
603 – 2164 4424

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  1. fuyoh! d peking duck with fired mantou bun looks special! 😀 n the pasta too!! everything looks so yummylicious! 😀

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