I am sure that now everyone know where The Roof is, and it seems that it had turn into second home to some of my friends as they party/ hang out there nearly every weekend or opportunity. One of the latest place that hit PJ folks that need not travel all they way down to KL to party. Somersby brunch.

brunch (1)

Well, since they are pretty new with the place, they have also come out with the latest brunch set that pairs pretty well with Somersby.

brunch (2)

Right before the start of the event, we get a chance to stack up the apples and participants that manage to stack all up will walk away with vouchers.

brunch (3)

Since my previous Somersby Brunch Experience, it had turn into my some weekend brunch pairing too as its easy to drink, with little sweet apple end and definitely its refreshing. Easy to go along with many types of food too.

brunch (4)

 As usual the duo will perform a singing song along with Jeremy preparing his signature dish behind ..

brunch (5)

 Follow by Chelsia Ng solo performance with her new single ..

brunch (6)

Eggs Benedict are pretty decent as it is serve with runny yolk.

brunch (7)

The Big Breakfast  is pretty common and nothing much to shout about ..

Over the weekends, do come by The Roof – Signature if you are considering having brunch as they are available now.


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