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For the first time in my life, I came to Thailand to celebrate their New Year which is known as Songkran Water Festival which falls on 13th – 15th of April. It is now one of the most happening festival in Thailand during that period for the year.As I understand Songkran is something similar like Chinese New Year that it was traditionally a time to visit and pay respects to elders, including family members, friends and neighbors. People celebrating Songkran may also go to a wat (Buddhist monastery) to pray and give food to monks. They may also cleanse Buddha images from household shrines as well as Buddha images at monasteries by gently pouring water mixed with a Thai fragrance (Thai: ????????) over them. It is believed that doing this will bring good luck and prosperity for the New Year. In many cities, such as Chiang Mai, the Buddha images from all of the city’s important monasteries are paraded through the streets so that people can toss water at them, ritually ‘bathing’ the images, as they pass by on ornately decorated floats. In northern Thailand, people may carry handfuls of sand to their neighborhood monastery in order to recompense the dirt that they have carried away on their feet during the rest of the year. The sand is then sculpted into stupa-shaped piles and decorated with colorful flags.Some people make New Year resolutions – to refrain from bad behavior, or to do good things. Songkran is a time for cleaning and renewal. Besides washing household Buddha images, many Thais also take this opportunity to give their home a thorough cleaning.

People in a tuk tuk getting soaked during Songkran in Chiang Mai

The use of chalk (Thai: ????????) is also very common having originated in the chalk used by monks to mark blessings.

The throwing of water originated as a way to pay respect to people, by capturing the water after it had been poured over the Buddhas for cleansing and then using this “blessed” water to give good fortune to elders and family by gently pouring it on the shoulder. Among young people the holiday evolved to include dousing strangers with water to relieve the heat, since April is the hottest month in Thailand (temperatures can rise to over 100°F or 40°C on some days). This has further evolved into water fights and splashing water over people riding in vehicles. (abstract from wikipedia)

The usual fight that we will equip ourself during this festival which is no stranger to our childhood memories are widely used ‘Water Gun’, besides this, you can use a pail, or any item that can store water to splash it on people/ passer-by.

Lets head back to my story, continue of my previous post that during the eve for the night. After had walk around and nothing much to shop, then we decided to join the party as our newly bought water guy had pass it to Karen and the rest, Kenji and Me went back to the hotel to gear ourself up!


This is our special op officer, Komando Kenji… warming up . . . . on the way back to our location, we were like half drench in water, as most people are at the road side with water and splashing every vehicle and human that pass them~

Songkran (2)

Can you imagine that kids were trained as young as 3 years old, he will be proffesional in a few years time~

Songkran (5)

At the scene with all gear up and wet. . . Before walking

Songkran (6)

When you on operation and Action…Kenji is under arrest for violating the place.

Songkran (7)

Songkran (9)

Songkran (10)

This kid is our newly recruited member for the night, to go againts one group of people that keep aiming at us as that group is quite big! Quite a cute kid~

Songkran (12)

the process of attacking back~

Songkran (13)

After whole night water fighting and only we realise that, that group were attacking us all night long also Malaysians.

Songkran (14)

After used too much energy and hand pumping on the guy, we were exhausted they have food hut around the area to fill in your stomach. Pretty interesting street food~

Songkran (15)

Songkran (16)

After the meal, we walked around the streets and saw this, 3 girls sitting on top and just pay 20bhat to get 5 balls, used it to aim and hit the poll to throw them into the water and my goowddd! the girl on the very left, she is head banging all the way non stop for like more than 15 minutes before we walk off and and she still continue. We were like, if it were us, were wont last more than 3 minutes and felt that our head will come out.

Songkran (17)

Then we walked to another end of the street and there is another stage there. One thing that we were impress is that every junction of the street there is the stage, therefore it covers the rectangular shape of the street that makes if 4 stages.

Songkran (18)

One of a famous Thailand group that when they came out, every one was screaming for them as for us we don know who is that also.

Songkran (19)

Songkran (20)

Then early next day, we woke up early and went to the street area again, Jonathan trying to be thrown down into the water and he said that the water stinks with pee smell. I guess yesterday night those drunkyards went there to pee after the place was close.

Songkran (22)

The festival start after 3pm and it was early morning that the ‘Fei Fu Dui’ (special op unit) are being deploy eveey where with full load of tut tut.

Songkran (24)

but then we decided to head for shopping for that day cuz there are many things that the rest wanted to buy. We were all wet when we reach the market, and walk till we were dry and wet all the way back to hotel.

Songkran (26)

As the night falls, we had become devil again and the street crowd is crazzyyyy.. Sardin Pack!

Songkran (27)

Songkran (28)

Tonight, we had decided to station at another base, which is directly infront of 7-11. For what reason, scroll down for more and we are ready to attack!The charm that we wear on our neck, based on their tradition is go help us cleans our body and make it like a brand new soul that to splash with water to usher a brand new year~

Songkran (32)

Songkran (33)

Songkran (34)

Songkran (36)

These 2 devils are the are the party crasher as they have never failed in their mission! Very professional that charge with a absolute cost.

Songkran (37)

this is the ‘Act Pig eat Tiger Look’

Songkran (39)

After first round of drinking, we walk further into Lee Garden there which had transform to a massive street party. With famous Thailand DJ spining R&B all night long and it was fantastic to estatic!

Songkran (40)

Songkran (42)

If you would want to kill yourself, this certainly would be a great place cuz no one will care.

Songkran (43)

Every one was dancing all night long and remember, to replanish water around this area, they charged is 30bhat for 1.5L as this is a hot area.!

Songkran (44)

We saw this ‘papan’ and stand below it. . . great things will happen as we saw this on the floor.

Songkran (54)

FOAM! Knee high tim!

Songkran (45)

Can you imagine with super smooth RnB music with all the latest hit with foam party infront of the stage??!!!

Songkran (46)

We were jumping around, shaking around. . .

Songkran (47)

Partying around…

Songkran (48)

Crazying around~

Songkran (50)

Songkran (51)

Songkran (49)

Songkran (52)

Songkran (53)

Songkran (55)

After much dancing and need to pee and to recharge with ‘Guai lou Leong cha’ we head back to our station.

Songkran (30)

Again, strike with this post and here the drinking session begins!This is the reason we are infront of 7-11, we need Beer energy and ‘Chang Beer’ was our choice (because the rest of the choice we all gone which left it no choice for us).


This is how we ended up~


Drink till you pengsan, hang over, mati mati on the floor is a trend~ Keni is like not on this earth anymore, that we need to spray on him to make him wake up. . . (actually his eyes caught the chalk and its very minty that need to spray with water to open his eyes) – the white power that every one use to put it on our face is to mark a blessing.

Songkran (65)

Songkran (67)

Songkran (70)

Songkran (73)

Songkran (71)

Kenji had not enough and keep on refilling and go again~

Songkran (74)

When the nights proceed with more alcohol…things just doesnt seems right.

Songkran (75)

Songkran (77)

Songkran (78)

Alright team! we have clear the area, lets head to new teritory with Kaptian Jon leading..

Songkran (79)


Songkran (80)

Songkran (81)

Songkran (82)

This is what happen when you are too excited over the event, veli high, sober or drunk. So please take care of your personal belongings!

Songkran (83)

We called it a night again, when most of us are already on 70% and went to eat at the same place, but this time we get to eat and watch ‘Muay Thai’ one of a martial art from Thailand.

Songkran (86)

Songkran (87)

Before heading back, we head to the same place that previously we went for the night as the bass here is geng! With the KaipTan Jon already high. . .

Songkran (88)

This is what happen when we are too excited. and seriously this is more heavy than carrying a buffalo. wkakakaka~

Songkran (89)

The next morning before we pack up and head back, we went for last round of water fighting during the day time. It was the official day of the water festival and its more fun than the night before.

The war is even greater, with whole street, every one that pass by will be totally drench from inside out.

Catch: equip your water with ICE WATER! it just makes you shiver and jump like a monkey or stand there stun for a few second, if you got splash with a bucket if freezing ice cold water.

Songkran (92)

Songkran (93)

Songkran (95)

Songkran (90)

Songkran (94)

Songkran (102)

This is one of the most happening street in Hatyai for this festival. Whole strech of the road filled with people and for cars purposely to pass by.

Songkran (110)

When you try to take a nice picture, you will never be at ease. . . you will be attack by many directions, so the picture can end up just like this instead of the normal kawaii post~

Songkran (111)

Songkran (91)

Songkran (97)

This is what happen! With no car passing by, they run out and attack motocycle. . .

Songkran (96)

If there are a car pass by with back load of people, this is how they got ambush!

Songkran (98)

Songkran never makes you feel old, even the mature generation are into it, by . . . . . .

Songkran (99)

Attttaccckkkkkk….. (to hire a truck to tour you around with a big pale of water cost RM400-RM500 per truck) our next choice next year!

Songkran (100)

Songkran (101)

Songkran (104)


A statue is there is for you to take a bottle of water to pour over it from top to bottom for blessing purpose~

Songkran (105)

Songkran (106)

Take a break with the police, and the police was not even got spare, who ever pass them, they will spray on the police also..

Songkran (116)

Songkran (115)

Songkran (118)

After the event, the car will be parade through to circle around the area . . .

Songkran (119)

One of the best New Year that I ever went and looking forward for more. . .

Songkran (120)

and this is what I mean, freaking cold water to be splash on you!

Songkran (121)

Signing off Songkran 2010 at Hatyai. . . Already start planing for 2011 water festival next destination! Astala Vista babeh~ See you guys at 2011. . . . .

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  1. Wah….Bok, long long post! Fun le the water festival =) so much fun!!!

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  3. gosh this write up is so long.. but i enjoyed reading and browsing thru the pix.. they are cool and i always miss out this festival. I should plan properly the next trip of mine to Thailand.. Sawadee Krub!

  4. kelvin: hahah..go with a group of your crazy friend..sure enjoy eh~

    nick: haha..that was my case previously, always miss it then this year decided don care la..just go.. then will eevntually go..u should do that too..:D Sawadeee

    BBO: Awesomenesss

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