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Healthy living seems is like a new trend that will be hitting to many people soon. After visiting Korea, most of the people on the street there are fit and I believe 5 years down the road, mentality of our society here will head to that direction, Steam & Grill  is one of the latest edition.

Before heading there, of course we must start now and how or when if you are keen to eat unhealthy food yet you think its quite fattening or over your calories. One thing to say that, I am proud that another of our local product turns out to be very good and its for healthy purpose.

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Steam & Grill is another new burger outlet, or not so new as they have been in the business for about 9 months already and more and more of their customer slowly accepting their concept burgers. Best of all is get to know one of the owner is actually a Malay and her picture is on the wall ..  😀

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 Its a fast food kind of outlet that you can expect as the customers do stroll in and take their leisure time to find a spot, order and dine ..

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 You can order your burger in ala-carte or set. . . I would advise to order set.

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Appartently every outlet would have their own signature burger and it seems that this outlet do have one too. One of our top favourite in this outlet that offer very unique kind of taste is this Serunding Beef BurgerRM12 | RM17 (Set). This burger do really reflect our own culture and one of its kind. Taste is very unique as its pungent in taste yet the meat is shredded, tender and juicy. Its a mild spicy, and sour and top with original bun. Highly Recommended~

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Next option that uses famous Otak Otak all the way from Johor is no other than Muar. The patty of it is really good, that its pretty solid, and taste of fish is there yet the spices used in it is not too strong that can balance up the taste of sauce. Another recommended choice if you are adventurous. Otak-Otak Burger @ RM11 | RM16 (Set)

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Begedil Burger @ RM9.80 | RM14.50 (set) – Suit for vegetarian as its a mixture with potato and topped with spinach bun.

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Another representative for local taste bud is this Satay Chicken BurgerRM10.50 | RM17 (Set). This happens normally to first time comer like all of us. All of us is like Huh! Satay burger and wonder how it would taste like. We tried out with chicken patty as its topped with satay sauce. Not that bad as it has slightly mild spicy end, with peanut chuck can be tasted as we choose to go along with charcoal bun.

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Of course to know the outlet is good with burger, we tested out their Classic beef burgerRM11 | RM15.50 (Set). It suprise us with how simple the taste is yet topped with a slice of cheedar cheeze and its awesome! patty is not too thick yet well marinated and cook to perfection.

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Since the outlet started off with one of their signature and slowly evolve to their burger range, we still decided to try out their seasonal product which is Tom Yum Spaghetti @ RM12.90. We are all impress with the authentic taste of it that its cook strong in flavour with very visible pressens of lemongrass taste and another type of herb to make it well balance, spaghetti is cook pretty al dante. Worth to give it a try!

Burger fever might be over, yet as for our local fast food outlet, I am impress with their signature and some of their little small other range that they have. Worth to try. To find this location for the first time might be slightly tricky as they are facing towards LDP highway or behind Brussels yet its located on the first floor.


J03A-1, Block J, Setia Walk,
Jalan Persiaran Wawasan Puchong,
47160 Selangor
Tel: +6019 651 9223
Business Hour
Tues – Thurs, 11.30am – 9.30pm
Fri – Sun, 10am – 11pm
**Close on Monday**

GPS Coordinates: 3.031578, 101.617049

Website: http://www.steamngrill.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteamNGrillBurger/


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