A little headache/hangover when you wake up on Sunday after partying too hard on Saturday? Do not know where to go or eat yet you are craving for some selection? One of a new weekend concept that The School at Jaya One had created was to host variety of food trucks all under one roof on every Sunday. You might find your favourite food trucks are being park here yet need not queue so long on their normal locations.

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If you do travel oversea, Food Truck is quite a big thing and we are not too late too as currently alot of young chaps they would like to own a flexible F&B space, food truck is a new popping industry as you can see more and more are parking at selected places. There are quite number of trucks that park here every Sunday to cater for hungry goers and also family as the mall have another option for parents and kids to play around.

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Besides food trucks is their main highlights, the mall also do offer Kids cycling inside the mall every Sunday from 10am-3pm and need not worry your kid sweat under the sun as its air condition area. Do not worry if you do not have a bike as they do have 15 different types of bicycle to loan to public at free of charge.

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Every Sunday the mall also do offer different types of appearance to entertain kids as when I Was there, there was this clown doing uni cycling and kids were aftering him. Its just so funny see kids screaming and laughing all the way. Besides allowing kids to chase him, he also do entertain kids with some simple tricks and free balloon were given to them.

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Sun Day is just a fun day for parents and kids as the mall itself is gaining popularity for parents to pop by.

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Another weekend there are special appearance of Storm Troopers for kids to take picture with, a minimal token to be donated to them as its given to charity.

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If you and your kids are hungry, then you can head to another section which is next to the food truck, which is known as POP by Jaya One as they host another 5-10 stalls to spoil your choices of food.

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Sangkaya is another new brand that had recently made a bit hit to many people with their Coconut Ice Cream which is a top notch, that I would rate is 95% similiar to the ones that we have in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. For a local brand this is consider very good and often I had 2-3 bowls when ever I visit this stall. – Highly recommended!

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Another popular stall to its own community is Chef Eng Eng, that is famous for their home made quiche and sandwiches.

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Do not worry that as this eating area is provided with tables and chairs as the only condition is clear your mess before you leave.

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 Trying out variety of stalls as all of them have their own style of taste and signature.

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If you do ever spoil for choices, Sun Day Out is one of the places to visit and not only that, especially for parents who do not know where to bring their kids to on Sun Day morning, this would be a great place for you to consider.

Its pretty interesting for the mall to come out with this concept.

Keen to get a spot in this weekly event – Sun Day Out you can contact : [email protected]

Food Vendors & kids activites constantly change – check them out at : www.facebook.com/theschoolmy

The School by Jaya One
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya



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  1. this looks fun and i am looking forward to visit with my kids..is the place all air conditioning include the food truck?

    • admin Reply

      Hi Yee,

      indoor cycling inside the mall yes, its with air condition.

      Food truck area nope as they have to be place at outdoor area due to cooking.

      see you around. . .

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