Another day by gone and the days in Taiwan sure do pass by very fast and its on our 6th day on our trip and have to wake up early today not to miss the bus ride to Nantou County’s Yuchih Township, heading to one of a beautiful place, Sun Moon Lake as we will be overnight at that place and heading to Aboriginal Village the next day.

Day 6

Waking up around 7am to get ready had a simple breakfast and head to Taipei Bus Station which is located directly opposite Taipei Main Railway Station.

Day 6 (2)

Our bus ticket to Taichung cost NT150 with around 2 hours bus ride which is pretty cheap compare to our trip from KL to Ipoh.

Day 6 (3)

A double deck bus is used all around Taiwan for safety purposes.

Day 6 (4)

Let me tell you one great thing about Taiwan tourism is that all the destinations that we are heading, the will play the main tourist attraction or place of interest to visit in that final end destination and we sure do have a clear idea where to head to when reach there.

Day 6 (5)

Day 6 (6)

Here we are, after we took a 2 hours power nap and we are in Taichung City. Another big and busy town.

Day 6 (7)

As we were walking away from the main bus station, then at first we wanted to take public transportation, Bus to Sun Moon Lake and realise that the time travel is longer by 1 hour and opted taking taxi by each of us paying NT70 difference and arrive 1 hour earlier which is around NT200 per pax

Day 6 (8)

Hop onto the taxi and heading our way to the beautiful scenic destination.

Day 6 (9)

By reaching our final destination after 3 hours ride, here we are at Sun Moon Lake.

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