Day 6 (56)

Reaching our side of destination, another side of lake which is another small town, by bus or car takes around 20-30 minutes from the main area to here.

Day 6 (59)

Day 6 (57)

This is where our mini homestay motel located at the main road, which is very cheap in price that takes us 10 minutes walk which is acutally not that far from the pier.

Day 6 (58)

We rented 3 rooms and the price of the room start from NT900 – NT120 breakfast included. The owner of the place is very friendly, offering us alot of in house deals to certain places that we would like to thank her.

Day 6 (60)

After take a quick bath, we are ready to discover the area.

Day 6 (61)

Walking down to the main pier to take pictures. It was a cloudy day. . .

Day 6 (62)

What we can do is just take the best out of it. Another hotel which is quite expensive also.

Day 6 (63)

Day 6 (64)

Day 6 (65)

Day 6 (66)

Day 6 (67)

Day 6 (68)

Day 6 (69)

Day 6 (71)

The main street of the town.

Day 6 (70)

When we get hungry, we start to hunt for food. This is the first stall that really attracts us by the smell of it.

Day 6 (72)

Nono was having a big headache as he told us he wanted to go on diet and we were like ‘Aiya, on diet what la..Eat first then go back DIET’.

Day 6 (73)

A delicious mantou that stuff with this ingredient a bit of salted veggie and crispy stuff. . .

Day 6 (74)

Stuff with this suculent juicy pork with fats that we choose the equivalent fats and meat to be wrap onto the mantou.

Day 6 (75)

Day 6 (76)

This is the end food product and its soooo delicious. Everything is so soft and its not too salty which is just pefect. Cost NT50

Day 6 (77)

He just cant get his hand’s off when comes to pork!

Day 6 (78)

Hunting for ‘Smelly Taufu’ as the smell is not that strong.

Day 6 (79)

Taste wise, so so only la, as I love my bite in Hong Kong with the strong aroma burst inside my mouth. Talk also very smelly.. kekek

Day 6 (80)

Teriyaki Chicken.

Day 6 (81)

Then we saw this restaurant that seriosly offer good dinner package deal.

Day 6 (82)

We are heading for the dinner set meal NT1200 as there left not much choice in the area to hunt for food.

Day 6 (83)

Day 6 (84)

This is what we get for NT1200 and its worth every penny. Simple, cheap and big portion.

Day 6 (85)

and we cant finish all the 7 dishes.

Day 6 (86)

Souvenir to get, a kuku ciau ashray sticking up. Feel bored you can also used it, multi function. . .:p

Day 6 (87)

For souvenir, this is the shop, Taiwan Spirit that did the most damange to all of us. The things there are so unique that we are unable to get in Taipei City is because the owner did all the customise design by herself. All of us had  a big bag out from the shop with average damage we had per pax was NT2000. Fridge magnet, snacks, rice wine, and many others. A shop you must visit if you do visit this town!

Day 6 (88)

Trying to take the sunset but too bad it was shaded by a big cloud and we were very dissapointed if not it would be a magnificient view.

Day 6 (89)

This is what I have manage to capture. Love it~

Day 6 (90)

One of the main hut to hang out in the area.

Day 6 (91)

Day 6 (92)

Day 6 (93)

Day 6 (94)

The night scene of the area and this is the only street to hang out and trust me, it will just take you 10 minutes to finish the whole street. Nothing much to do in this area.

Day 6 (95)

When night approach, its night photography . . ..

Day 6 (96)

Day 6 (97)

When we were sitting there in the hut, we find that we actually stay at the wrong side of the lake which we should stay in the main area at least more happening, more food to hunt too but one of the reason we choose here is because we are heading to the Aboriginal Village the next day and the cable car is just 20 minutes walk away from our motel which is more convinient, actual fact we would definately prefer to stay in the main side.

Day 6 (98)

Day 6 (99)

This is how we end up for the night, as the main street close at 9pm left the whole area pretty dark already, bought some beer, sit there and chat and enjoying the cool breeze as we had 5 days of hot temperature. We definately would like to stick here!

Day 6 (100)

Before heading back and calling it off the night, we seriously love Taiwan  7-11 as they are full of things to eat and hunt, even there are magazines that we can just flip through while eating our instant noodle and sipping our beer.

Day 6 (101)

Only one thing that we regreted is that we didnt buy the limited edition t-shirt Sun Moon Lake Cartoonist style which is so nice that cost NT380 and we thought that it will be available at the aborigins village, that definately we are wrong. That t-shirt is only available on this particular 7-11 only!

Day 6 (102)

3 big cans of beer and please guess how much does it cost? NT100 for 3 cans! darn Cheap weih! Alright, lets call it a night and let me bring you through on Aborigins Village on the next day. . . as didnt able to get the sunrise photoshoot because it was raining! 🙁

In Sun Moon Lake, just do not miss the In the early morning the surface of the lake is covered by a thin veil of mist. When the sun rises over the mountains the obscuring mist lifts slowly to reveal the lake’s true countenance, with its surface reflecting images of mountains and trees as chirping insects and singing birds lend their voices to the enchanted scene. At dusk the colors of the setting sun paint the lake a sparkling gold, transforming it into a crystal fairyland. As the curtain of night falls the lights and reflections ripple with the waves and cooling evening breezes waft in, giving rise to fascinating imaginings of fairy spirits sprinkling fairy dust on the water. (source from Sunmoonlake website – do visit their website for more info)

Day 7 coming up~

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