Sometimes life can be just too stress and need something to chill, drink or hang out with friends to make us think back straight or cool is down.  As I know, friends around me love to drink for pleasure and so do a lot of Malaysians. What I got expose to for a Japanese Beer was Asahi during when I was in Australia, which is one of my favourite beer from Japan. Now, one thing we can be expecting that another premium beer is reaching into Malaysia shores very very soon, with this incredible No.1 premium beer in Japan – Suntory Beer.


This new beer is rather alien to me that I have never heard of the name before and also being one of the best beer in Japan that holds awards for Grand Gold Medal at the Monde Selection for three consecutive years.

Santoro (2)

It is a brand that famous around the world and now going to reach in many places in restarant and bars in Malaysia.

Santoro (3)

This great launching was held at famous Fukuya Japanese Restaurant

Santoro (4)

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  1. ooh my friend is the distributor of this beer and I had this at a restaurant last month. It’s a great beer! cheers!

    • Li Mian Piong Reply

      Hello, Eiling …

      May i have your friend contact? My company is interested in getting a constant supply for the Suntory beer. TQ

      Frankie Piong

      • Hello Li Mian,

        I am not too sure who are you referring too, maybe you can call their general line.
        +60 3-7722 2678

        Hope this helps.

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah..just came into malaysia, find that suntory are much nicer.. and I just got to try out their single malt range.. Yamazaki.. damm good eh!

  2. hi,

    anybody know the contact of suntory beer distributor?
    please let me know.


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