First section of TREC house quite number of eatery and bar in the area. Supperclub  is an upscale gastrobar and lounge that is one of the provider for many diners and clubbers to hunt for in that stretch. Supper club is currently located at the furthest outlet along the stretch if you are walking over from Zouk.

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Upon entering the club, you will be greeted with an elegant island bar, where the bar team are well versed in crafting the classics such as Old Fashioned and Dry Martini, as well as bespoke creations, with a respect to the art of mixing. The wine and beer lists are thoughtful and concise, sourced from some of the world’s best wineries and breweries.

For dining, you can expect food from fashionable tapas and bar bites such as Escargots “a la Bourguignonne”, grilled scallops with jalapeno salsa, gastro salads and prawn casserole, to higher end cuisine such as Wagyu Beef Burger, black Angus steaks and the all-time Italian darlings such as pasta and risotto. If you’re dining in a group, you’ll be happy to explore Supperclub’s WOW Platters which highlight items such as Black Angus Rib Eye, Fresh Whole Lobster and Australian Rackof Lamb in one plate.  

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At the right side of the entrance you will see  this urban cool industrial chic-themed gem features lavish decor along with all the high seating area, live band stage at the center and DJ deck.

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On that launch night, we enjoy much of the mixologist special cocktail as there two mixologist hail all the way from Russia. Kirill Chanin is a deeply inspired young bartender and is undeniably on an express train to mastering his mixing skills, whilst studying the exotic flavours of the east in this sunny continent. Packed with experience of working with one of the best bars in the world, Chainaya Tea & Cocktails located right in his hometown Moscow; you can definitely call this shy yet eccentric young man – a man on a mission. Quench your thirst with some of his creations such as Chapala, Fog Over the Safe Haven or Clockwork Mengo, all available on Supperclub’s Mixology menu.

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Enjoy much with their series of mixer along with some free beer too.

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It was a fun night with Ellice and Regina.


Supperclub Kuala Lumpur
Lot E12-14, Electric Boulevard,
TREC KL, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tues-Sun, 5pm-3am.
Tel: 03-2110-0866



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