Chinese New Year is a big thing where modern chinese families are all gearing up to dine out instead of cooking for family reunion. Many restaurants now taking the opportunity to showcase their fantastic menu to impress many of the families out there where Tai Tong indeed is pretty well known for many families for family gathering.

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For this year Chinese New year Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong created the Golden Treasure Poon Choy

Using a fragrant sour and spicy sauce as its base, it was indeed something from what I usually have. It did taste a bit like the “chai buey” my mum used to make during Chinese New Year.

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Tai Thong’s 2015 version of the Golden Fortune Yee Sang promises healthy fruit flavoured yee sang for all. Featuring sliced fresh star fruit, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and black sesame. For this version of yee sang which is inspired by Japan had a hidden meaning behind it where it symbolize  good luck, prosperity, health and others.
Available in half or full portions, both the Tai Thong Double Happiness Yee Sang & Golden Fortune Yee Sang are priced at RM68++ (half portion) and RM98++ (full portion) respectively.

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Double-boiled chicken soup with Chinese Cordyceps
Soup is always my favourite especially with  double-boiled chicken soup with Chinese cordyceps.

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Filled with exotic spices, fiery flavours and a treasure trove of assorted seafood, including fish maw, sea cucumber, squid, tiger prawn and dried oyster, Tai Thong’s Golden Treasure Poon Choy is indeed loaded. Priced at RM298++ for 5pax, and RM498++ for 10pax, Advance orders are advisable and takeaway is also available.

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Steamed Glutinous Rice with Assorted Meat

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 For this round, they have also created their new range of dim sum start off with, Steamed “Fatt Choy” Dumpling with Prawns

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Baked Dried Oyster Tart

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Steamed Bamboo Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat

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Steamed Triple Delight with Oyster Sauce

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Gong Hei Fatt Choy

Tai Thong’s Chinese New Year Set Menus are priced between RM538++ to RM1188++ for 6 pax and RM828++ to RM1928++ for 10 pax.

For 10 pax set menus, Tai Thong is also giving out complimentary Premium Gift Set (containing Dried Moss, Dried Oyster, Duck Waxed Drumstick, Dried Mushrooms) or wine sets. All Tai Thong Chinese New Year promotions end 29th Feb 2016.

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