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They do offer set also and the price is pretty reasonable.

farmosa (5)

Food ranges from Nt40-NT360 depending on what you order.

farmosa (6)

farmosa (7)

Then we Opt to go for Ala Cart Menu which is so convinient for me that I can just point and point. 😀

farmosa (8)

‘Bittergourd Soup’ (盅湯禮盒) NT$65 definately attract my attention as all of us are pretty heaty internally and opt to go for this soup. Love the taste of it, aromatic of bittergourd that not too strong in taste, which being steam pretty long to get the aroma out, I add in some soy sauce even taste better. We ended up order another bowl.

farmosa (9)

‘Si Shen Tang’ NT$50 I you love herb taste, then you would not want to miss this out. Something mild,perfectly nice for drinking that did not overpower the taste of other dish, and the intestine had been cook till so soft that nearly melts in our tounge . .

farmosa (10)

‘Jirou fan’ (chicken rice) NT 30 add on shredded chicken slices and with some soy sauce that pour on.

farmosa (11)

Their signature rice ‘Mince Pork Rice’ 魯肉飯(lu rou fan) NT 30 as I thought of ordering small bowl would be enough for me but it prove me wrong that it taste so good that most of us ended up getting 2 bowls. Was not too salty and the pork was cook to perfect along with other ingredient that create a hint of nice aroma with the steam rice and the gravy that add on the kick of it.

farmosa (12)

We never had enough.

farmosa (13)

‘海陸雙拼’ Taiwanese sausage.

farmosa (14)

A cai (A-choy, local green veg)

farmosa (15)

This pork slice is good with a bit of ginger taste, not too salty yet the fats in between is just nice for the whole piece of meat to creat the soft melt process in our mouth. This also we order another one.

farmosa (16)

石板鹹豬肉 NT60 If the one with soy sauce you don like you can go for the grilled pork. I just love how they choose the perfect pork with even fats in between at the top. We never had enough of this.

farmosa (17)

Chicken is not as good as their porkie range because we had the pork first. If we had the chicken first then it might impress us.

If you are in Taiwan, certainly you can consider this place as one of your dining session that offer good range of pork and for the price we are paying around Nt150 each that stuff us full like a pig is pretty good deal.

Farmosa Chang 鬍鬚張 (Hu Xu Zhang)
533, Yongji Road
(stop at HauShanpi MRT Station)
as you walk towards Wufenpu wholesale district then you will see this shop at the big junction with yellow sign board.

View Farmosa Chang 鬍鬚張 (Hu Xu Zhang) in a larger map

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