day 7 (66)

After walk through the whole cultural village, its time to hit on their fun park, Rides and Attraction.

day 7 (67)

Their indoor theme park, the rides doesnt look facinating to us and we head out to their main park.

day 7 (68)

The park is tucked among shade trees, between the European Gardens and the Aboriginal Village Park, is a haven for seekers of thrills and pure fun. Amusement Isle sports a wide variety of amusement rides imported from Europe and the United States. For the most adventurous, may we recommend the UFO Gyro Drop, Mayan Adventure roller coaster, the Gold Mine Adventure, or, perhaps, Future World. For the younger and less adventurous, we offer many rides and attractions, including Aladdin Pavilion and Culture Square. Amusement Isle has enough to keep visitors of all age groups happy for hours on end. (source from

day 7 (69)

day 7 (70)

day 7 (71)

While I have saw 2 rides that I seriously want to go onto then I hurried them to the area and this is their expression, Got force to do so..kekekek~

day 7 (72)

day 7 (73)

One of the ride I was talking about, UFO – 85 meter high and makes it one of the highest free fall in Taiwan. Not much scary compare to the one in Gold Coast-Dreamworld

day 7 (74)

day 7 (75)

Next is heading to The Caribbean Adventure (加勒比海探險)

day 7 (76)

Roller Coaster ride with giant splashes, pretty cool. Wanted to go for second time but the line is too  long.

day 7 (77)

We stop by at one of the cafe for quick late lunch as we have our dinner arrange by our friend back in Taipei City.

day 7 (78)

day 7 (79)day 7 (80)

The main entrace at the rock bottom of the village.

day 7 (81)

The European Gardens is very huge and the day was very hot till makes us very lazy to do more photoshoot in this area.

day 7 (82)

For more details of Farmosan Aboriginal Cultural Village you can check at this 2 website:

Mode of transportation to the village:


45, Jintian Lane, Dalin Village, Yuchih Township, Nantou County

day 7 (83)

Took taxi down to the town and waiting for our Bus to depart which will take around 150 minutes back to Taipei City.

day 7 (84)

day 7 (85)

day 7 (86)

Taipei City main Bus Terminal

day 7 (87)

And of course heading to our well book dinner at Famous Kiki Restaurant which owned by one of a famous Taiwan Celebrity. The food is definately delicious that will have a single blog post for it.

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  1. Looks like an interesting place to visit! That bamboo rice reminds me of a similar rice I ate in Guilin.

  2. When I was there – totally nobody leh, at the cable car. In fact, the village is kinda empty. Maybe we were there on a weekday and it’s during winter.. it was quite cold at the Village.

    • Taufulou Reply

      ehh..really? maybe its because of winter as when I went in summer quite alot ppl ah~

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