Lately, one of the Japanese Buffet that a few bloggers wrote and heavily circulated around email is Tao Japanese Buffett, eat-all-you-can that located at Sunway Giza been flock with KL folks and people around there. What I  know that Tao was originated from Penang as I used to go there often to celebrate birthday occasions and because of its pricing and food quality. The place was constantly full and not until recently the restaurant had landed in KL, and seriously if you want to go there, please make a booking.


They still maintain their interior decorations but the one in Sunway Giza the interior is more classic and cosy to dine in.

tao (2)

Tel: 03-6148 2826

tao (3)

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There are two types of seating area which is the normal seats more like the old classic fastfood chain style. . .

tao (6)

and if you have a group of people and want some private section then they do have the tatami style.

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  1. weekdays and weekends price would be the same?

    ps: ur blog is awesome! keep it up =)

  2. hey,
    do they provide unagi? i love unagi..
    my birthday is around the corner, so my friend suggest to bring me there.

    • Taufulou Reply

      I am not too sure ah… If not mistaken they do serve it. . .

  3. Eat this before. Also at sunway giza…but sometime i feel if you eat at dinner time, the food not so fresh

  4. Omg.. by looking on your quality best taken delicious food.. I can’t help my saliva kept flowing. Lol XD
    Really a recommended blog when any of my friends asking me on famous delicious food 😉
    Keep it up the good blog & post. Always support you ^.^

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