There is one new hidden spooky Speakeasy bar The Deceased that making its way up the chart in many bar hopper list. One of a new hidden bar in ChinaTown which is just a stone throw away from PS150. Why Spooky? As the speakeasy bar is with its crazy concept of death. Especially with Chinese “pantang Larang” this is indeed the whole new next level.

the deceased (2)

To look for this place, simple. Look for Mingle Cafe, and a unit next to them. Locate this blue door as above that have “fu” on it. The best part is, upon opening the door,  you will be greeted with 2 dolls and eerie ghost music background with blood red hand trail on the wall that lead you up.

the deceased (3)

The 3 flight stairs sure give you like the door is never reachable with its dim light and background music along with props on the wall on each level.

the deceased (4)

Got to know that the clever unique presented cocktails is crafted by mixologist Steven Wan whom had been in Singapore after a while hence the Deceased unique concept is born.

the deceased (5)

the deceased (6)

the deceased (7)

the deceased (8)

There are 6 cocktails on the main menu and alot specially crafted drinks are under his sleeves. Do let him know what is your profile flavour and he will cleverly come out with a drink and small little gimmick that suits back to his place.

the deceased (9)

Tables are limited indoor with only 3 long tables with air con. The rest outside is without fan and outdoor. Therefore, just come with your tshirt and shorts.

the deceased (10)

the deceased (11)

the deceased (12)

Magic Spell is in the making, to cast out. . .. .

the deceased (13)

We ordered all six and a few others under his sleves till we forgot what name x what name which we did not wrote down. However this was in the top of many peoples list and I agree with that.

Tea of Oblivion – Forget the past, worry not the future, drink this and let the fates decide @ RM 35 – black tea infuse gin, passion fruit, fresh lemon juice and soda water.

the deceased (14)


the deceased (15)

I know what you did last summer (Karma’s Bitch) @ RM 38. Absolute Vodka, fresh lemon juice, strawberry puree, bubbling water.

the deceased (16)

the deceased (17)

the deceased (18)

the deceased (19)

This is another signature you should order: Petty Person Petting – “Da Siu Yan” “@  RM 38 – Tuak (Glutinous Rice Wine) , Gin, Fresh Lime Juice, kamquat, tonic water.

the deceased (20)

Creepy shit right? where you see in Hong Kong Streets under the bridge and now is serve as a drink gimmick.

the deceased (21)

the deceased (22)

Their special in house shots, is using the emperor mini jar back in Ching Dynasty.

the deceased (23)

These are all special request and up to the mixologist to come out the drinks profile. However this is his version of Negroni as it does taste like one. The presentation of this drink is unique.

the deceased (24)

the deceased (25)

the deceased (26)

the deceased (27)

Other creative drink. as the powder is actually lime powder.

the deceased (28)

the deceased (29)

This is one of the best. Do check it out.

the deceased (30)

Party groups. This is the gigantic bucket of drink that you do not want to miss. A special in house mixture that can be shared easily 6-10 pax.

the deceased (31)

2 drinks to order from the menu to start off with:

  1. Petty Person Petting – “Da Siu Yan” 
  2. Tea of Oblivion

Most of the cocktail here are alright as I am not a cocktail person, however in the menu, 6 of them mostly are sourish base. Our bill came about RM 300 for 7 drinks which is not too bad.

the deceased (1)

This is how the outlook looks like. This blue door!

Currently, it is advice to book before you go over especially on weekend. It will be crazy pack. Also do go on weekdays or 6pm when they open. There are alot of OOTD spots.

Ciaoto the deceased. NO food is served. only drinks.

The main set back is: service will be pain in the ass. Long waiting time for your drinks and they do jumble up cuz they are rather new and also 2 mixologist only. so do prepare to wait, a cocktail drink will easily take 3-5 minutes for one. so you do the maths if it is full house.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , if u want crazy ambiance and insta purpose, this is it!! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

The Deceased
55, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours:
Daily, 6pm-2am.

Tel: 018-200-0262


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