I have pass this road numerous time or nearly a few times a week and could not help to notice this shop when it first started operating around the area as its so near my office. We did came here and wanted to try it over lunch but they weren’t ready that time. This restaurant The Gastro Project is hidden on another side of Section 17 whereby it had gain its popularity among its regular visitor with ample of parking space and easy to be located. Its more like another neighborhood restaurant.

Gastro Project (1)

 It might look plan outside as in the inside, its pretty well dress up that makes them a fine dine restaurant.

Gastro Project (2)

The whole ambiance, with checkered floor tiles and some portraits pictures hanging on the wall, sure do give me the feeling of olden days of America or the 80’s.

Gastro Project (3)

 The staff are well trained and pretty attentive too. .

Gastro Project (4)

Before dinner start, we were taken to their first floor whereby its more like a flexible space for many people to use on. The place can be coverted into private function, family gatherings, company nights out, corporate events or club gatherings, as both floors can accommodate 45pax downstairs and 30pax upstairs (with lounge seating).

Besides that, on certain day they do have movie night  as their first floor are equip with good home theater system with big screen. Indeed a flexible space. Ladies night is on Tuesday.

Gastro Project (5)

Right before dinner, we were shower with their own house special cocktail by  the mixologist (aka the operations manager Jason Koven , and I must say they are amazing.
AC Martini ( ‘apple crumble’) is something that is not too strong, alcohol taste is just nice that you can taste hint of butterscotch syrup and garnished with a sliced caramelized apple. An easy drink to down with.
The one behind is by the name of  ‘Hmmmm’ which make it a very catchy drink name. Its like what would you want to order sir/madam then your answer is like hmmmmm . .. (then scratch head) . Its made with fresh strawberries, brown sugar, midori, dark rum and almonds. I ended up with 3  glasses. A drink that I would Recommended which is simple yet refreshing.

Gastro Project (6)

Gastro Project (7)

After that, we kick start our meal with Japanese Style Salad @ RM15 – Pine nuts, edamame, pomegranate, avocado and a varieties of greens, pairs with Grant Burge Winery in Barossa Valley, white chardonnay.

Gastro Project (8)

A dish that is really light to kick off with all the healthy greens, with the dressing is just right to match with the rest, burst with aroma and its really fresh and love the peas that match along and of course the white wine pairs well too.

If you want something more mouthful then you can add tempura prawns for additional RM5

Gastro Project (9)

Next of the dish is to pair with this Campagne, bubbly with light sweet end and its really a good one. I do not mind to get a bottle myself as this turns out to be my tables favourite drink for the night.

Gastro Project (10)

Deep Fried Man Tau serve pippin hot.

Gastro Project (11)

When this dish King Prawn flash-fried then cooked in a Buttercream Sauce @ RM40 gets every one excited.

Gastro Project (12)

As the aroma of it really trails thru our nose and make an instant hit that this is good stuff. I love the creamy base of the prawn with butter end and curry spices & leaves is also pretty obvious, and the best thing is dipping the man tau into the sauce and eat it. I just wish they have more sauce and I have more man tau to go on. The prawn is also really fresh with meat texture is pretty hard. Loving it.

Gastro Project (13)

Next we were given a testing plate of their signature that comes with Crab Aglio-Olio Spaghetti @ RM24 for full size. Speghetti is al dante and something light with hint of garlic.

Gastro Project (14)

The lamb was stewed with carrot and apricot, masking the gamey taste, is not bad as the Australian Black Angus Rib Eye @ RM45 for 200g.  already steal the lime light for the whole plate. It was done to perfection that its well marinated, cook medium with a little bbq sauce at the bottom with honey smash pumpkin. Recommended~

Gastro Project (15)

 Before proceed to the final one which is dessert we were given this to cleans our palate.

Gastro Project (16)

the finale drink of it as I recently found my love to Moscato as its a very easy drink to go along and pretty universal but this Moscato D’Asti is way too sweet for me.

Gastro Project (17)

For Dessert:
Classic @ RM15 – English strawberry trifle, layers of fresh cream, custard, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce
Decadent  @ RM15 – Chocolate Cake Balls covered with decadently rich rum cocoa sauce
The Satisfying @ RM15 -Cardamom Pannacotta with Fruit Coulis and if this are chill longer it would turn out to be a great dessert.
What we have tonight are all testing portion as the actual size is way bigger than this. Anyway, if you are looking for a nice place for dinner, this restaurant would certainly be one of it for you to drop by.
For the full menu and price, you may refer here.
25 Jalan 17/56
Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya
Tel No : 
03.7931 6465
Business Hour:
Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm,
Friday 11am-12am,
Weekends 8am-1am


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