Looking for some healthy options in the city? It take me a while to hunt down this store as it is sited right under a office building with its entrance is right at the side as the signage of the shop is at the door. Tricky as it is, and it is worth the hunt. The Grain Store is pretty well known for their healthy option as they value fresh produce.

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Head chef Ingo Meissner (of St ALi and Fitzrovia) draws on his German heritage, traditional French and Mediterranean training combine his skills together to prepare a both traditional European and contemporary Australia influence where he play with some ingredients such as quinoa, goji berries and farro grains to create a unique collection of sweet breakfast options and warm, cosy lunch selections along with some seasonal menu.

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Interior of The Grain Store some how is contemporary yet homey with a touch of rustic where flooring is painted with timber, marble and fresh flowers, and it can be converted into event space too.

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This is a pretty huge private function room or to cater when you have a bigger group.

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Some food selection or snacks can pick up at the food island counter too.

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Menu is pretty interesting as there are quite a number of it attracts me and I ended up with my usual which is latte to start off with.

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Pink Lady Apple, Buckwheat & Ricotta Pancake with Nuttella, orange, spiced pear, mandarin gel, pistachio crunch. @ Aud 18

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Love their simple presentation and you can see its a plate that is pack with flavours. with acidic taste, chocolate and fruits end. Interesting combination and worth it. Goes very well with my coffee too where it is not acidic yet the aroma of coffee is just to my liking

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The Grain STore
517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000

Trading Hours:
Mon-Fri 7AM-4PM
Sat-Sun 8AM-4PM

Phone: 03 9972 6993


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