The war of bubble tea is back again. Now bringing the 2 latest crazy hype around South East Asia is these 2 leading brands Tiger Sugar and The Alley. So what are your thoughts? Which brand do you prefer?

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The Alley (9)

The Alley first made its mark in Klang Valley about 9 months ago and had made a huge hoo haa on it. I have heard lots of crazy stories about it and certainly love their little marketing gimmick to make the hype going strong.

I have only just recently tried this drink about a month ago at Kepong outlet. First, for their signature drink Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk with their pearls is slightly expensive. RM 13 for a cup of drink that is fill with milk, brown sugar and milk. Their pearl win as I would rate the best at the moment. It is bouncy and chewy. Would I come back again? Will be only once in a blue moon drink for such price tag. Now they have at least 10 outlets within Klang Valley and is aggressively expending to other states.

Next the biggest hype in Taiwan and Hong Kong is this Tiger Sugar.

Tiger Sugar (5)

Tiger Sugar seems to be leading the pack when it comes to this version of deerioca brown sugar with milk. They have recently open their first outlet in Sunway Pyramid in early January and looking at the queue, you must have the patience to go through it. Their little gimmick with maximum flavour is that you must turn upside down 15 times before you start drinking.

How does it taste? I am not too sure as I have yet to try yet. Too lazy to queue as it is an estimation of 30 -45 minutes. Maybe, next round should go early in the morning to be the first. Eventually I will make a comment on who is the best bubble milk tea in KL.

Maybe should take nice picture of how the brown sugar trail down to make my instagram feed slightly better. At times we do really think of ways how do we want to increase our instagram followers. There are tricks to it.

  1. be hardworking (which I am lazy) place all those nice platting on a corner, nice lighting, shoot 10 – 20 shots to get 1 single money shot. Including at least 2 days 1 post.
  2. be creative (which I am lacking)
  3.  photo editing skills (which I have little about it) maybe I should brush up more in light room.
  4. comment and like other people’s feed. (this is how i did when I was building my blog donkey years ago)
  5. Get an agency to do it for you.



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