The Iron Fairies & Co at Thonglor would turn out to be one of the most famous cocktail bar for 3 reasons. One for their spiral staircase, ambiance and their jazz band. So those of you who love jazz band, you will fall in love with them.. It is easy to locate this outlet as The Iron Fairies is facing main road with well light up neon lights. The only set back or point that you might miss out is the tree at the front walkway might be blocking.

Iron Fairies (2)

As you walk in after the huge wooden door, the place in there is quite dim where is filled with mining lights. I am memorize by the interior decor itself. It gives me the feeling that I have entered into a Dracula or Frankenstein mansion.

Iron Fairies (3)

There are many hidden dark corners where you will see couples are occupying it. It certainly gives you the privacy that you need and jazz music is not too loud.

Iron Fairies (4)

Iron Fairies (5)

Iron Fairies (6)

Iron Fairies (7)

Many ladders point that guide you to different floors.

Iron Fairies (8)

Iron Fairies (10)

Iron Fairies (11)

Iron Fairies (12)

The stairways right behind will or right at the main entrance will lead you up to first floor and mezzanine floor where you will see where the live band is situated.

Iron Fairies (13)

Iron Fairies (14)

Since my friend could not drink, where we still have third and fourth bar to go, so we ordered one to share. Smoke in a Bottle #1 @ 330 Bhat comes as a red liquid with captured smoke in it. A glass of ice and blueberries is place in it as a stirrer. It is a bit strong for me with hint of oakiness. Lurving it.

A nice place to chill indeed if you are willing to dig deeper into your pockets.

The Iron Fairies & co
402 Soi Thonglor
Sukhumvit 55 Rd
Bangkok, Thailand


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