Over the past few months,  this little coffee stall in that tug in Lebuh Nordin had became a bit hit. Was previously a hidden gem in our town but after a few coverage from TV channels and The Star Coffee Auntie Ang had make it big now. Some locals call her as Ang’s Kopi Peng.

Angs Kopi Peng (1)

I was lucky that the queue was not long on the day I visited her. Do bring a pair of umbrella to queue as the weather could go crazy hot or raining.

The Star Coffee Auntie Ang had been running this little stall for more than 35 years and for the past 4 years, she only move to Lebuh Nordin as she previously operate in other location. She would love to have this pass on to her son which is currently under training as the art of making coffee recipe is from her grandfather.

Angs Kopi Peng (2)

Angs Kopi Peng (7)

at times it will be very long to wait in queue as when the coffee base runs out, she will make everything from scratch again. Then she goes through her own filtration process for at least 3 times.

Angs Kopi Peng (9)

A stall that is manage by her only. So do be patient to wait in queue.

Angs Kopi Peng (12)

Even her can opener is very classic. Is the same tool that my grandma is using.

Angs Kopi Peng (15)

One of crowds favourite is her milo. This only happens if you order dine in, as the milo is pour into a jar then shake it massively to get the bubble.

Angs Kopi Peng (17)

This is her signature drink. Ice coffee that is top with foam that is made without machine!

Angs Kopi Peng (18)

Then she will draw her so called latte art on top of the drink. Her Signature is Star Sign, Hence that is how she got to be known as Starbucks auntie.

Angs Kopi Peng (19)

Angs Kopi Peng (20)

We order hot too. to my own preference, the Ice cold coffee is a must have. Love the aroma, of it that gives you a  very unique finishing. Sort of like sourness is quite close to lemon which is kind of different level of acidic. Best of all, this is our local coffee. I believe there are a few mixture of coffee powder in it to make it such a great drink.

Angs Kopi Peng (21)

Hot is not too bad, but cold is perfect! Milo is thick enough to many people’s liking.

Angs Kopi Peng (22)


Angs Kopi Peng (23)

Angs Kopi Peng (11)

After had this coffee, I would rate this The Star Coffee Auntie Ang as one of the best street coffee in Penang island that you should not miss. Love the strong aroma and after taste of it.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, best street coffee!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

The Star Coffee Auntie Ang
146, Lebuh Noordin,
10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

Operating hours: 8am – 5pm (or till finish)


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