Setiawalk is like the Publika of another side whereby it’s a place that filled with bars and tons of F&B. Restaurants are popping in and out over the years and some have found their establishment well build on that attracted many other new potential to the area. Ticket to Korea is one of them.

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One of my latest discovery after reading some blogs is this new Korean Food place. Its not like those typical Korean BBQ where by its mushrooming every where, however this restaurant serve a menu with classic Korean with fusion mix.

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Ticket To Korea is operated by a lovely couple hail all the way from Korean themselves as Soo which is the young pretty chef that studied in Lim Kok Wing a few years back, then flown back to Korea, not long after that, she decided to come back to Malaysia to operate a F&B business by brining the latest trend with her fiancé Jeff, which is Korean Fusion food which is a big hit at the moment in Seoul.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by Jeff with big small which taking care on the operation side while Soo is at the backend.

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Flipping through their menu, on the first page is pretty straight forward with all those classic Korean dishes and how they design it its pretty unique where their set is name after an experience such as First Trip in Forever set. Their motive is to provide patrons with classic yet infuse with modern twist.

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Order their signature as uniquely for healthy purpose they add in Chia Seed which makes it pretty interesting.Organic Chia Seed Ade @ RM 11.50

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This might look very simple upon their serving however the smell of the cheese is pretty strong. Salad Pizza @ RM 34 is serve with super thin crust home made dough and it’s a great starter to start off with. Something light yet straight forward.

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Next which is new in their menu yet we wanted some classic taste, we order their Pork Meat Kimchi Soup. As this meal arrive, I am surprise to see the owner Jeff keep moving up and down himself that got me very curious that, don’t they have assistant and he mention that currently its only 3 of them. He is taking care of the whole front line himself and he loves it.

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Serving us with a great smile and he is just so cheerful.

Love the taste of the Kimchi soup as its not too spicy yet sour enough to get the hint of balance on our palate. Ingredient is generous as they top in a huge slab of pork. Unfortunately its slightly overcook that the pork is slightly tough. Maybe the pork ‘cut’ is too thick to be cook in such condition. Instant noodle is what I am aming for. Do not look down on this as its pretty huge pot.

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Next I believe this is their signature item as I read a few blogs that they do order this and it look very  tempting. Cooked for 48 hours in low temperature, then roasted on the grill for a caramelised crunch that made this Sous Vide Pork Belly Steak @ RM 56 is a dish that must order for Pork lover.

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Served in a hot plate follow by their own home made special soy sauce is shower upon and let it cook and bubble for 2 minutes. I must say this is a highly recommended dish as the meat is so soft, tender and juicy as the fats melt in your mouth. Taste is not too salty yet with slight sweet end I am just loving it.

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What about Korean with a hint of Mexician? Kimchi Quesadilla @ RM 18.50. With the price tag, I am saying this is pretty decent as its serve with pack load of melted cheese, ingredeint in it is pretty generous and I could only take 2 piece max. Taste is pretty solid with melted cheese

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Another dish I would like to recommend too is this Tomato Clam @ RM 35 that serve in a pippin hot stone bowl to keep it the whole dish still hot. Serve along with 3 pieces of their bread biscuit to eat along. I am not a fan of cherry tomato however, this cherry tomato is sweet yet with hint of sweetness of clam that cook along. Soup base is pretyt limited as its cook in this way.

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For something to much yet to gain some fats, Chili Cheese Fries @ RM 17.50 is to hunt for.

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For dessert, we order their Cotton Candy Ice Cream @ RM 18.50 which I think it’s a trend now. A lot of things are infuse with cotton candy and Jean is having a great time in playing it. Its just an ice cream top with cotton candy.

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This is one of the latest dessert hype in Seoul as its not your typical brownie however its with slightly improvement that it does surprise us. We got very curious as in the description mention melt and soft till the effect of hot plate kicks in. A base being stuff with Oreo and top with a huge ice cream scoop. As the base of Oreo melting, with Ice cream cooking along on the hot plate, it sure do make this dessert pretty good. Even though we are stuff, we still manage to finish this.

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Upon sitting down and chit chatting but could not help and stared at other table and asked what is that. Its actually their signature cocktail, Korean Pear Soju Cocktail @ RM 40 and Green Apple Soju Cocktail @ RM 35. In this hot weather, this bottle sure do makes my day. Its so refreshing, chill and serve with fresh fruits base with finely crush ice. Soju was no taste of soju but upon finishing a few glass, I can start to feel the heat of it.  Recommended!

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Ticket To Korea is not a tour agencies, however it’s a place that will bring you pretty good food. Price might be a bit steep as Jeff mention they only use quality premium products.

Well, it’s a place worth to try. Do order their set as its price reasonably with quite huge portion. Do be patient waiting for your food as the couple doing their best to serve everyone. I will still think its one of the best Korean Food in KL.


Ticket To Korea
Address: C-8-1, Block C,
Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
47160 Puchong KL.
(above Tipsy Café/ Opposite Muzuem)

Phone: 017-610 1499

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm Daily.  (close 3pm-5pm)



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