Starting off with passion for food and a piggy hunter all around the world, the owner have decided to compile all his favourite taste profile into creating Ticklish Ribs & Wiches located in The Gardens, KL. Their original outlet is at Seapark and now, the pigs have conquered level 3 at The Gardens, 2 shops away from Sushi Zanmai.

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Pork lovers out there, this place will definately feed you well as they are hitting most of their items all about porks.

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Besides that, the owner of Ticklish Ribs & Wiches have strong passion in local comedy scene where they have a stage for One Mic Stand. The event is held once or twice a month and do drop by at their FB to check out their events.

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There is a story from all the pigs around the shop. You can start stare at the mural wall as the story stats from there, then you follow the trail to this pig angles and into the kitchen.

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Quite classic place for washing hands.

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Most of the items ordered are prepare fresh, especially on the sandwich side.

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Drinks are rather interesting as:

  1. Worms in Mud – Squiggly Cendol in murky Holicks @ RM 14 – this combination is really quite unique and it is worth to try
  2. LOL – Lemon Grass on Lime @ RM 13 – quite refreshing and thirst quencher.
  3. Screwface Sidekick – Tangy Mango & Soursop @ RM 13
  4. Yolo – Milo & Cincau @ RM 14


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Gila babi menu for your reference~

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Signature BBQ Pork Ribs @ RM 48. A good quality pork that imported in just for this series. Serve in a mini bucket that is filled with Soft, juicy and well marinated pork ribs. Dip with the sauce gives you an unique dimension of flavour.


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Sloppy Fries @ RM 9 – filled with mince pork sauce and melted cheese. This is definately a good combination with beer. Quite addictive as it is not too salty.

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For something simple, you can opt for Babischetta @ RM 15. Toasted and serve with sloppy mince pork, with cheese then toast again.

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One of their best seller for sandwich is this Red Cuban with pulled pork. Simple yet delicious. Bun is not too dense yet flavour is there.

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Rice Vice @ RM 22. A simple fried rice with well fried coated pork in breadcrumb. Never go wrong.

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You Braised Me Up @ RM 26. With well balance of pork and layers of fats, I am inlove with this. Intense flavour from their special braise sauce, meat is soft and fats that is near melt in your mouth is just nice. Serve with side salad.

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Lazy Bones @ RM 30 – boneless ribs with marination. – indeed a pork lard rice that gives you the slightly fattening flavour as it needs to balance up with the pork ribs. Those who needed to add on weight, one of a good dish to hit on.

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Ticklish Ribs & Wiches
The Gardens Mall
Lot T-216B, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City.


OPENING ​​HOURS: Everyday (10am – 10pm)

CONTACT NUMBER: 012-5672216


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