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Its been a while since I last watch live soccer and this round, we are watching big matches with Tiger FC – Man United vs Liverpool. Indeed it was a very interesting match that ManU beat Liverpool 3-0. In this event, Tiger FC did not disappoint when it said it had something epic to reveal to its fans at their second Big Away Game yesterday. Prior to the event, the footie fan club hinted that the news will present “something epic and something football aficionados will definitely cheer for”. Well, cheer they did.

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Called The Real Pitch, the contest requires fans to pitch to Tiger FC why they should be the chosen one for the all-expense paid, once-in-a-lifetime trip to the United Kingdom. The grand prize rewards fans with a 5D/4N trip to London with one stadium match, and a pub match viewing experience.

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Fans are flocking in slowly for this match.

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Its Tiger event, definitely we will be cheering along with Tiger beer.

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Great to watch the match with both my best friend Kelly and Jane.

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Besides on the match, Tiger is also running a competition to stand a chance to win a trip. You can watch the video that had been made by one of  our local famous Youtuber, Joseph Germani :

Fans have from today until on January 2nd, 2015 to pitch their entries to Tiger FC. All they need to do is create a 15-seconds video on how they would “UNCAGE THEIR PASSION FOR FOOTBALL” via Instagram and submit it by tagging @TigerBeerMy with the hashtags #TigerFC, #TheRealPitch and #UncageYourPassion. All properly tagged entries are linked automatically to Tiger FC’s The Real Pitch Facebook Tab on its Facebook page. Fans can also share their entries from the tab’s gallery, and challenge their friends to submit an entry themselves.  A winner will be announced within a week from end of contest.

Visit The Real Pitch tab on Tiger Beer’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/tigerbeer my today.


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