Attended one of the most recent alcohol launch is this Tiger Radler took place at KL Live on the 6th of December 2013. Tiger Radler is an all-new variant of Tiger Beer that combines the crisp and easy-drinking taste of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice to produce a beverage that is doubly refreshing. With a distinctively cloudy look caused by its all natural lemon juice content, Tiger Radler is set to be the perfect beverage for almost any drinking occasion with family or friends since I find it to be smoother, sweet and lesser alcohol volume which is only 2%.

Under our upcoming hot weather especially the beginning of the year as its very easy to drink and have to be drank in ice cool temperature.

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Malaysia and Singapore are the first two countries in Southeast Asia to introduce Tiger Radler, although Radler has already been a massive hit in Europe over the past few months.

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 In the lauching, its fun here as we get to take picture in their photobooth . .

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 Do your own customization Tiger Radler T-shirt

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 Then standup comedian Andrew Neto came to stage to make every one into laughter.

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With a refreshing mix of Tiger Beer and natural lemon juice, this sophisticated European-style drink has a distinctive cloudy look that makes it the perfect beverage for moderate consumption occasions with family or friends. Tiger Radler will be available in pubs, bars, restaurants & coffeeshops across the country from Dec onwards, as well as in East Malaysia by March 2014 at the same retail price point as Tiger Beer.

radlar (7)All of as at the event .. Cheers . ..



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