TOKB Cafe is also known as Taste of Kota Bahru that serve Kelantanese food. This also mark them as  Malaysia’s First Military Theme Cafe that located at Section 13.

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There is a story to support this strong unique concept of this cafe. The story beings all the way back in December 1941, Kota Bahru was invaded by the Japanese. The infamous Pearl Harbour took place 70 minutes later, and World War II was then declared. One of the Director’s father went through the whole experience of World War II, hence this cafe was assemble to make it a memorable piece for them. Most of the items you see in the cafe are real artifacts or items that is from the owner.

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Items especially at their Mezzanine floor, from newspaper piece, to military medals, helmets, bags and many others are being displayed.

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Even the bikes are real, where it can still be started and works well.

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The look and feel of World War II during Japanese Invasion.

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Their menu design is also impressive.

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Hail Chef Kak Ma by taking steps to close her little ‘warung’ in Kelantan by embarking this new adventure with founders of TOKB Bernard and Lucas to make this place serving an authentic recipe from her ancestors to all of us in Klang Valley.

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With a few drinks to offer, Teh Atom @ RM 9.50 is the main items in the drinks section to order. Served in a huge bubble foam that over flow and suprisingly it sticks very well onto the cup that it doesn’t ooze down all the way to bottom. The little trick to this is that they add honey into it and as you lick the foam, it indeed taste like honey with hint of teh ais behind. It is bigger than the normal glass we usually drink.

Below is also another signature drink – YamashitoMojito @ RM 12.50. A nice drink for hot weather. Indeed refreshing.

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I find that their dishes name is very creative as this Nasi Rocket with beef Serunding @ RM 20.40, it does not make you fly sky. However, it is known as Nasi Tumpang, with Nasi Rocket is a modernise word for it. Nasi Rocket came about when back in the old days, for all take away they did not pack dishes in seperate packet, as they pack it in 3 layers that gives you 3 different taste and wrap it for their lunch. As for this, it is filled with serunding beef/fish,  rice and gulai ikan tongkol. For TOKB, they served it with keropok and fried chicken.

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For classic dish that you would want to pair with other sides, you can try out their Nasi Dagang @ RM 5.30 as the plain base of rice which is very aromatic, yet with a hint of coconut taste with side acar and keropok, then pick one of the side dish in ala cart to pair along.

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You can choose from Ayam Masak Merah @ RM 12, Ayam Goreng Kampung @ RM 12, Ikan Keli Paprik @ RM 12, Ayam Goreng Berempah @ RM12, Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak @ RM14.50 and Gulai Udang @ RM17.50.

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One of the classic dish is Laksam RM13.90. For this dish, not many people would enjoy it as it is filled with lemang base which is like steam stick rice, filled with aromatic soup base, topped with some finely slice cabbage and bunga kesom. For this dish, either you like it or you dislike it.

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Keropok Lekor @ RM 4.90 is fried to perfection where it is chewy, yet you can still taste aromatic of fish taste. Remember to dip with their spicy chili sauce.

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Among all the dish, this is their super star. Nasi Kerabu @ RM 23

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Original way to eat this is by mixing all the ingredients together and remember to add in both of the chilli serve to give you the spiciness in it. Do take note that their lighter colour chilli sauce is quite spicy. Add bit by bit to adjust on your spicy level. After mixing the whole dish, you will get to taste a nice fragrant from rice, herbs, fish and crispy keropok in every bite.

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This is not our usual toast. The name Roti C4 @ RM 7.90 will give you a bomb in your  mouth. Just joking. To me, C4 would be the thick, rich and creamy kaya that will add onto your taste bud. If you eat the kaya raw you will find it quite sweet. After mixing it with yolk, kaya and the toast, it actually gives you a very interesting nice taste. Worth to give it a try.

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For this outlet, what is worth to order starts with these basic: Nasi Kerabu, C4 Toast & Atom Teh Ice. Besdies that you can get their loyalty card which is very intersting that is customise for you in dog tag. They go by tier spending starting off with 10% that will eventually end at 22% if you are promoted to General.

Ground Floor,
Menara Inspiration (Avenue D’ Vogue),
No. 3A, Jalan 13/2,
Seksyen 13, 46200,
Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03-7624 5787

Opening Hours•
Sun-Thurs: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Fri-Sat: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
GPS Location: 3.113883,101.639559
Email: [email protected]

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