If you are as passionate about food and travel as I am, then you might also be considering setting up your own food and travel blog. Blogging about food whilst you enjoy your travelling adventures can be a lot of fun, but it can be hard work too. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how you can make your food or travel blog the best that it can be.

One of the most important rules when it comes to blogging is to be able to post regularly. If you usually stop at internet cafés to check your emails, then you may find it easy to take time to update your blog too. However, if you usually wait until you arrive back home in order to upload your photos, then you might need to adjust your routine slightly. There are several advantages to updating your food and travel blog whilst you are still away from home. Firstly, you will better be able to remember every detail of all the delicious foods which you have eaten during your trip! Also, if you happen to lose your camera or your notes during the course of your trip, then you will already have many of your memories saved online. Most importantly, regular blog posts are one of the best ways to keep an audience interested and to build up a regular readership.

Another thing which is key for both food and travel bloggers is including great images within you blog posts. Amazing photographs are useful to help really explain your experiences to those reading your blog posts. They are also more likely to catch the eye of visitors than a page full of text – no matter how well-written it might be. If you are serious about travel and food blogging, then it can be advisable to invest in a camera which will allow you to capture good quality images wherever you go.



  1. arghh.. the part where i need to adjust would be updating while i’m travelling.. sometimes i just too lazy to even transfer my pics even if I brought my netbook along.

    Noted on these tips.. thanks for sharing taufulou..

    p/s: i see your nick i wanna laugh.. reminds me of the joke i told annna yesterday 😀

    • admin Reply

      heee.. totally need to take some time out to edit all those pics loh, usualyl after travel want to blog about it, it still gives me a bit phobia. . 🙂

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