In our modern society, internet connections had play a major role. Before this improvement of techonlogy, I am pretty sure some of you have extra old broadband modem sitting inside our storeroom do not know what do deal with it. I even have my super old modem which is 56k connection if some of you do recall. That’s Classic piece that I have or the first in my pc. Now, Celcom is doing something new to help you to get rid of your old BROADBAND modem for a new PortaWIFI.

What’s so good about this little thing from the best network? With PortaWiFi, you can surf up to speeds of 21Mbps from your home, laptop and even your car, giving you MORE Internet like never before. This will definitely be usefull especially balik kampung sessions that will surely stuck in highway for about 6-8 hours to reach back Penang.

Not only that, this modem is very generous too. You can share your connection on the PortaWiFi device up to 5 users so you and your friends can stay connected wherever you go.

What you waiting for. . . just  Trade in your old broadband modem for a new PortaWiFi device at RM99 with any of these Celcom First Data Plans. (of course it must be working condition)

 This promotion is valid from now till  till 31st March 2013.

For more information about PortaWiFi,

log on to (to create link that will point straight to the Promo page)


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