Since Covid-19 hit us last year in Malaysia. We were immediately moving into new norm. With office equipment were snapping out like crazy and too huge demand with no supply where everyone is working from home. I bought this TTRacing Swift X 2020 Gaming Chair since last year May and some of my friends ask me to do a review about it and here you go.

Since now Malaysia is going into MCO 3.0 or FMCO 3.0, I am sharing my personal experience for this TTRacing Swift X 2020 Gaming Chair review after one year usage. This is non sponsored, just that a few friends asked me about this also money is hard to earn. Just to share my view and also the quality of the chair base on Shopee comments or Lazada comments. I am just adding on top for your reference and decision making.


Sitting for long hours, we indeed need a comfortable chair. Among office chair or gaming chair? which do I prefer?

Even though I was on budget with RM 400 for a working chair. I ended up top up RM 200 more for this gaming chair. REason? cuz trend and taking my risk for this.

  1. Could not try
  2. rely on Shopee/ Lazada comments
  3. desperate to buy 1 cuz my back was hurting for sitting on my dining chair.


To my surprise, the chair quality is better than expected. It comes with 4 different colours:

TTRacing Gaming Chair

I bought it last year May’20 on the first MCO then as the parcel arrive, I totally forgot to do the unboxing and the TTRacing Swift X 2020 Gaming Chair installing.

Bought this with 1 main spec. The seating width 40.6cm and depth 50cm

tr 3

The company only concentrate 3 types previously and this year they add on 1 premium series maybe similar like SecretLab.

There are alot of variations now as below:
TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair :
RM 399 – RM 419 :

my purchase: TTRacing Swift X 2020 Gaming Chair – 2 Years Official Warranty :
RM 599 :

TTRacing Surge Gaming Chair – 2 Years Official Warranty :
RM 799 :

New premium series: TTRacing Maxx – 2 Years Official Warranty:
RM 1,099 : or


TTRacing Gaming Chair Review


Lining and finishing of the chair is pretty good. It is covered with PU leather. If your house is hot or your working station is facing west, then I would say Good luck first.

cheapest gaming chair

Most of the accessories are metal except the side cover and the chair roller stand support.


You can adjust your height up and down. Estimation 8cm difference.

Gaming chair

Back pillow that you can adjust to suit your back.


tr 2

Another reason of buying because of Faux Leather with Cold Cure foam (sounds maciamĀ  yes)

TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair


My verdict for my purchase after 1 year:
1. still strong
2. love the quality (PU leather)
3. ergonomics with reclining
4. my most important is sitting width and depth is what I am looking for.

tr 1

New premium series: TTRacing Maxx – 2 Years Official Warranty:
RM 1,099 : or

well their warranty details below:



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  1. Memang macam yes, I am still using old ikea office chair with the fake leather now all peeling.. maybe time to look!

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