Recently I went to Pyramid and meet up with Masako as she said she wanted to get a camera DSLR too and want me to follow her along. As on that morning went for food hunting at Klang and it was on the way so meet her up. After checking out a dummy camera at SenQ(if not mistaken) then I walk out and saw this shop, at first I thought the shop was selling refregirator but then I saw people walking out with something on their hand that can eat. So I walk over and kaypo abit only realise that it was a yougurt desert shop then only notice their brand name.

Never heard of the name before but never care and wanted to try, and after google it a bit and found out that this yogurt desert is from USA and a franchise around the world. Sunway Pyramid being their very first outlet and it will expand quite fast as this Franchise was recently purchase by NAZA group.

When I look back at this picture, I still think that from this side view witout looking at the counter it still look like a place selling refregirator..kekek
First step you will take a cup from the side area, ranging from small to big and then you will head to these machines to pump out your favourite choice of yogurt flavor or you can mix around. It feels like you are working inside the MacD kiosk ice cream counter.

7 flavours are available at the moment.

Masako pump out 3 flavours, Chocolate, Lychee and Original.
I love 3 of the flavours, very flavourful with its own taste and the yogurt is very soft and very strong yogurt taste which I like it and did not overpower the flavors of it. It will be only my one time experience as it will dig up a hole in your pocket.
Then you head to this very next counter for……………..

Choose and add in your topings.

You can end up with these.

and you definately must guess how much is this cup of yogurt as Masako as us to guess it too. To my shoking price it cost RM20. For such a cup it will be the most expensive ice cream yogurt I ever eaten. How it is calculated as below:
10g for RM0.53

With that kind of price this are the size of the cup which is the medium cup.
and its not full too and both of them said that, luckily it was not me that took the ice cream. They really understand me well. If for me I will pull the ice creal till very high and add on alot of toppings as with my understanding how much will it cost only la.
Then we saw a malay family came in with 2 kids, 2 of their wife’s went to pull the ice cream too and they took a large cup each. They have the same thought like me, pulling it alot and high then top up with alot of toppings and then reach the cashier. 3 of us were very curious about the pricing and keep peeking on it and we start guessing, the same goes to the chinese couple sitting next to us, peeking at it too…
Their charges per cup was around RM39, they got shock on the pricing and ask their husband for extra money. 2 cups of frozen yougurt RM78… I believe its a good marketing strategy which is you cannot refund back the ice cream to them cuz you made it yourself and you have to pay for what you have done.
With their charges like that, I have to say that, they will be the most expensive yogurt desert that is even more expensive than Haegan Das and Baskin.
It sure taste good, but will return back when they change their price.
-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, Good~

-Stamped—Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Tutti Frutti
Sunway Pyramid,
(old wing, near to Giant Area that side)


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  1. This forzen yogurt taste excellent. Since i like it some much there i have done some research. I found that it is cheaper than Baskin Robbin acutally. Example: Today i bought one scoop of ice-cream from BK is cost me RM 7.80 in cup, the waiter said scoop weight 110g, but in TF 110g cost only RM 5.83. See the cheaper!
    The Cup in TF is big, after my first try i know how to estimate, now every cup i buy cost me only RM10 or lesser.

  2. I first tasted tutti frutti in LA recently and it only cost us$1.20(rm3.70) per 100 grams and paid us$4 for a decent serving. Here it cost rm5.30 per 100grams.
    It’s ridiculous more expensive than the US.
    Compare big Mac it cost us3.75 in USA here it cost us2.25. Of course it shd be cheaper here. Common sense. ….. Naza group shd do more homework before
    Marketting at this cut throat price.

    Boycott tutti frutti in Malaysia

    • Taufulou Reply

      Agree eh… but not till Boycott..

      their food is pretty good, if they don change their pricing, its just the matter of serving rich ppl business…:D

    • We should not boycott Tutti Frutti, it is a good food for your health, It depends on individual portion, others like it small, but to some people like it big. We cannot compare with the US price since all imported good have tax in our country. If you want to boycott, why not to Alcohol or to a lot of others junk food that scientifically prove very unhealthy..

      • Taufulou Reply

        ehh..i don think i mention anything to boycott. . .

        well i find that its just over price that ‘s all. . sure it taste good.. well, wont be my everyday thingy . .

        just put it this way that for that kind of price many ppl will have better option

  3. I notice their cup is big, self service inviting you to accidentally over spend.

    First time i was there i was careful and skeptical when they give me a huge cup and offer me toppings, what’s the catch? I was right, small amount of yogurt cost me rm12!

    The fact that they never fully disclose their pricing, is really a rip off. How would i know how much is 100g of ice cream? They only have scale during payment, no scale at the ice cream dispenser, so i cant really budget how much i want to take.

    I prefer basking robin, haagen daz although they are not cheap, they fully disclose their price and size of servings. Honesty like this is very important for me to be loyal to a brand. I don’t mind spending rm20 for ice cream provided that i am aware that i am about to do so.

    Consumer is not stupid, i dont think tutti futti will get much market share in ice cream retail anyway.


    • Taufulou Reply

      totallly agree with you . .. one thing we notice that most of the branches they spread accross malaysia is not many ppl..

      i guess they open that is mainly for other purposes. . .:D since its own by big company . .

  4. I have been to wangsa walk out let many time already, I’m addicted to it.
    The price is not a problem in this era, too delicious to say no.
    People can effort it.

    You guys should consider the shipping cost, tax, franchisee fee and etc.
    Can not just simply convert the currency from dollar to ringgit, that is not the way of business does.

    You can never find the mixture here, they need to import from US directly.
    Yes you can find chicken and beef to make KFC and McD product, but not for tutti frutti.

    I like the banana plus strawberry flavour 🙂
    Can wait to experience my next visit with my love ones.
    We share the orange big cup together 🙂

  5. Yeah, agree with you totally, unfair to convert from USD to RM. In Taiwan, Tutti Frutti is sold at NT19/oz which is even more expensive than in Malaysia!!

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