Malaysia is indeed one of a country that is filled with variety of food and many of us are always spoilt with options. However, not does only modern technology connecting us closely with all our friends as for now, UberEats is connecting us to all our favourite food!

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It was on 21st September where the first launch begins along by making the app official in Malaysia, got an opportunity to be part of it. The launch took place at Le Blanc, Bangsar.

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As we arrive early, we get to sample some of the participating vendors in UberEats, some of the vendors that showcasing their food were RealFood, Inside Scoop, many Malaysian choice of Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa and many others  more.

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Soon to be one of a household brand, with Inside Scoop onboard with this delivery will put a smile to many fans out there.

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Whenever Malaysians are encountering for short holiday or whenever we are hitting into some new area, our favourite tag line among friends is from “Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan” now or soon will be “Tekan Butang, Mari Makan

Changes in our lifestyle is also changing the landscape of many businesses out there. With hectic urban lifestyles, Kuala Lumpur foodies are now slowly preferring to order online as we no longer need to brave traffic, fight for parking, or line up in queues as now, to enjoy the wide array of foods, beverages and desserts is just a button away from access over 200 restaurant partners available on the UberEATS app.

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The launch in Malaysia marks another milestone for UberEATS, which is presently in 27 countries and over 100 cities globally. Shri Chakravarthy Gopalakrishnan, General Manager of UberEATS (Malaysia & Singapore) said, “We are delighted to announce that UberEATS is now live in Malaysia! At Uber, we’re always looking for ways to bring Malaysians more choices at the touch of a button. This time, we are bringing consumers, restaurant-partners, and delivery-partners together in a digital marketplace celebrating Malaysia’s great cuisine and love of food. Using the power of Uber’s technology, we are going to help Malaysians enjoy the right food they want, right now – at the touch of a button.”

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Enjoying our Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

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Then we are pamper along with casual dining of Sitka

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Now all of us can just enjoy our favourite food or restaurant just by a touch button away.

UberEATS will begin serving KL neighbourhoods, in the Kuala Lumpur central business district, Bangsar and Damansara Heights from 9.00am to midnight, seven days a week; with plans to grow quickly and in the near future. Payment will be made through credit and debit cards, with an initial delivery time of 35 minutes. There will be a RM5.00 delivery fee and no minimum order. Additionally, UberEATS Malaysia has worked closely with JAKIM to ensure its delivery methods address concerns over halal requirements.

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It is available in both Google Play or Appstore : UberEATs


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