I believe most of you will know one of a famous coffee place in Publika which is Coffee Societe, then they kick start another successful cafe which is Garage 51. Follow by their latest portfolio by both brothers Kar Wai & Kar Heng, US – Underground Societe is their latest addition that operates right behind Garage 51.

US (1)

To find this place at night, you might miss it as they does not have any prominent signage that mention is Underground Societe only a sign board at the road side mention Come Join US. At our first impress, on the outside it does look like some doggy pub (or hang flower zone place), especially filled main area with those fairy lights, and also operating in this kind of area does give the thought of it.

US (2)

However, the place decoration and setting is more towards dining ambiance, instead like their the other 2 places more towards coffee place.

US (3)

US (4)

US (5)

Currently their happy hour is cheap with prices as below, that would be a price of a pint for beers.

US (6)

US (7)

Saw their food menu and it does look prominent.

US (8)

Since we are here for coffee and decided to try their signature.

US (9)

US (10)

Underground Black & White @ RM 15

US (11)

Presentation of the coffee is nice, as it serve in a piece of wood with their name craving into it, a shot, soda water and latte with free Kahlua (on their current promotion – free shots of Bailey or Kahlua with any coffee order)

US (12)

US (13)

The card do show you the tasting notes of it and also how to drink this version of coffee. As for the piccolo version latte, its quite dissapointed that we werent given a small tea spoon to stir on the bottom as I bout to drink till the base only realize that we need to do that, that makes the coffee taste better with the liquor added in.

US (14)

US (15)

Next is my Underground Latte with Bailey @ RM 15. Pretty decent and aromatic. Slightly thick, smooth and nice. Worth a try.

US (16)

US (17)

In the menu, it mention that, your visit would not be complete if you do not try this – Underground Grenade @ RM 26 that contains alcohol.. Description looks promising and it needs 30 minutes to prepare. Oh well, it was serve less than 5 minutes.

Upon serving, the waiter will pour a shot of alcohol that smells like flaming Lamborghini, then light it up as it will take a while to burn.

US (18)

Upon dipping inside this dessert only found out that its filled with mint ice cream and some crunch biscuit base, and their own home made cream. No hint of alcohol taste on the creamy base top.  IF you order for the sake of the gimmic then its cool for picture. Well, nothing to shout about for ice cream dessert and for that kind of price, I think you can order something better in their menu.

Might come by another round to try out their mains.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, decent coffee~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Underground Societe
68 Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Open daily, 11am-2am
Tel: 03-5613-3851


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